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Quotes About Catching

Alec surprised Magnus and the werewolf both by breaking away and lunging at Marcy. Whatever he had been planning, it didnt work: this time the werewolfs swipe caught him full in the chest. Alec went flying into a hot pink wall decorated with gold glitter. He hit a mirror set into the wall and decorated with curling gold fretwork with enough force to crack the glass across. "Oh, stupid Shadowhunters," Magnus moaned under his breath. But Alec used his own body hitting the wall as leverage, rebounding off the wall and up, catching a sparkling chandelier and swinging, then dropping down as lightly as a leaping cat and crouching to attack again in one smooth movement. "Stupid, sexy Shadowhunters.
— Cassandra Clare —

Not a single thought managed to take shape in her mind: for the likeness of this day to the last seemed to her the clearest proof that it would be another quite useless day, a day she would gladly have done without. For a moment she thought that a day like this would be pointless for anyone on earth, then abruptly changed her mind as she realised that thousands of women, after a hard week's work, or a family quarrel, or even just after catching a cold, would envy her just for having the leisure to rest in comfort.

— Ismail Kadare

I love you," he said, his voice catching. "When I thought you were going to die, I wanted to die.

— Eloisa James

Yeah, she is great. I spent the whole week with her."
"Doing what?" I asked, catching a growl before it left my throat.
"Aw, you're cute when you're jealous.

— Andrea Cremer

I'll just do a round around of the house and make sure the rest of the family are fast asleep. We don't want that sharp-nosed aunt of yours catching us when we find the diamonds." "What diamonds?" "Think positive for once ... Which would you rather, diamonds or the remains of a murdered maidservant? It's all a question of attitude.

— Kerstin Gier

It the myth-pool; sometimes the word-pool. He says that every time you call someone a good egg or a bad apple you're drinking from the pool or catching tadpoles at its edge; that every time you send a child off to war and danger of death because you love the flag and have taught the child to love it, too, you are swimming in that pool . . . out deep, where the big ones with the hungry teeth also swim.

— Stephen King

It was as unbelievable as the moon catching fire.

— Yann Martel

She would just be catching up when I'd go again, swimming farther out into life because I still hadn't found a rock to stand on.

— Barbara Kingsolver

Christianity has confused catching mice with the real work of the Kingdom, which is more like hunting lions.

— Leslie Ludy

Motivated people are passionate! They love what they do and they are full of themselves (in the nicest possible way). Their enthusiasm and excitement are catching and they attract other people's interest and attention.

— Lynda Field

Come away; poverty's catching.

— Aphra Behn

Catching a fly ball is a pleasure, but knowing what to do with it after you catch it is a business.

— Tommy Henrich

The problem with our art form: it's so ephemeral, and catching performances can be so difficult ... the important thing is what happens at the moment of performance, for the people who made the effort to be there: it lives with them.

— Judith Weir

Only those become weary of angling who bring nothing to it but the idea of catching fish.

— Rafael Sabatini

Nothing is so catching as example.

— Francois De La Rochefoucauld

Anyone over the age of thirty catching a bus can consider himself a failure.

— Zadie Smith

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