Quotes About Career Path

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Quotes About Career Path

I could never have imagined the films Ive done and the people Ive worked with when I was starting out; I certainly did not have a career path.
— Steve Buscemi —

It always irritated me that people think they have to be locked into a career path.

— Eric Betzig

I've never cared for the idea of a career path, or where a film might 'take me.' My love is for acting not money, so I only take on roles that I find challenging, in stories I find interesting.

— Gael Garcia Bernal

The biggest need that women have is more time. We all want more time in our lives. More time in the morning to get ready. More time in the evening to spend time with our families. All of these things - more time to move up that career path. It's about time.

— Renee Ellmers

I kind of have never thought about a career path, which is an unusual approach.

— Sylvia Mathews Burwell

My dad has an incredible passion for living life, and he's really, really funny, so he definitely encourages me to enjoy all aspects of life. He's very proud of me and definitely encourages my career path, and we have a good time talking about work.

— Spencer Grammer

Passion is what gives meaning to our lives. It's what allows us to achieve success beyond our wildest imagination. Try to find a career path that you have a passion for.

— Henry Samueli

When you are born rich, you have all these options. You can pursue a career path that you find interesting; there's no need or pressure to start working to get funds just for survival, which is something a lot of people have to struggle with.

— Jamie Johnson

I wasn't one of those kids who grew up wanting to write or who read a particular book and thought: 'I want to do that!' I always told stories and wrote them down, but I never thought writing was a career path, even though, clearly, someone was writing the books and newspapers and magazines.

— Gayle Forman

Choosing an unconventional career path - I am not a traditional Egyptologist by any means. I found what I love, and I have stuck with it.

— Sarah Parcak

I'm a big fan of James Garner. That was the other thing. When I heard that I'd get to play his younger years, (I thought) things are looking up. Unfortunately, I didn't get to meet him. He was in bad health at the time. I was a big fan of his for a long, long time - and still am! I think he's a great actor to follow a career path with.

— Drew Waters

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