Quotes About C Sections

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Quotes About C Sections

I learned a long time ago that it doesnt make me less of a woman because my babies come out of a different place. My C-sections have been fine.
— Angie Harmon —

It made her feel discouraged, like if you took the word apart into two sections of dis and couraged. It was getting harder and harder to stay couraged.

— Susan Patron

I believe in some parts of Nietzsche,
I prefer to read him in sections;
In my heart of hearts I suspect him
of being the one modern christian;
Take notice I never have read him
except in English selections.

— Ezra Pound

In a way, certain sections of the media always wanted to knock me because I had captained my country and been skipper at Old Trafford. It was all a bit odd really.

— Bryan Robson

Every one and every single time is different, and I didn't have C-sections, which I don't know if that's lucky or unlucky, but I was able to feel every contraction. You forget what it feels like. God's got a great way of making women forget what it's like because we would never go through it again.

— Monica Potter

The transponder requirements have three major sections, namely the chip; the antenna; and the assembly of the chip and the antenna onto the goods being labelled.

— Mike Marsh

Antiwhite racism is developing in sections of our cities where individuals - some of whom have French nationality - contemptuously designate French people as gaulois on the pretext they don't share the same religion, color or origins.

— Jean-Francois Cope

Indeed I regard the enduring support which I have received over the years from all sections of the community in Ballymena as being more than sufficient recognition for any success which I may have achieved as an actor.

— Liam Neeson

If you're rolling over rocks and stuff and you have a bigger wheel, it's going to stay out of the holes - rough sections become smoother.

— Aaron Gwin

How come you never use semicolons?" she'll say. Or: "How come you chop it all up into little sections instead of letting it flow and flow?" That sort of thing.

— Kurt Vonnegut

My personal relationship with music is an imperfect harmony because I never studied music, but here I am not just writing for bands but full orchestral sections and doing all this composition, and I never learned the right way of doing things so I have a lot of dissonant sounds and things that are brought to my attention, and generally I leave them that way because I like those imperfections.

— Serj Tankian

I like to go through the zine sections of local bookstores when on the road and have found a lot of really great kind of underground stuff that way. It all feeds into everything else.

— Jeff VanderMeer

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