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Quotes About Buddhist Life

I think what happens in a religious life is that we have those experiences of affirmation and that one starts to live a Christian life or a Jewish life or a Muslim life or a Buddhist life, by affirming that affirmation each day. Each day you say Yes to that Yes. So the life of being a Christian for example, is always a life of double affirmation, that you each day say Yes to those counter-experiences of saying Yes, even when youre not experiencing them at that time, youre remaining loyal to that experience.
— Kevin Hart —

Self-actualization is not a sudden happening or even the permanent result of long effort. The eleventh-century Tibetan Buddhist poet-saint Milarupa suggested: "Do not expect full realization; simply practice every day of your life." A healthy person is not perfect but perfectible, not a done deal but a work in progress. Staying healthy takes discipline, work, and patience, which is why our life is a journey and perforce a heroic one.

— David Richo

From the Buddhist point of view, it is true that emptiness is a characteristic of all of life - if we look carefully at any experience we will find transparency, insubstantiality, with no solid, unchanging core to our experience. But that does not mean that nothing matters.

— Sharon Salzberg

According to the Buddhist belief, you can go on and on indefinitely, so you see your life as just a brief moment in time.

— Pema Chodron

They had an old-fashioned sincerity ... that touched Archy in this time when everything good in life was either synthesised in transgenic cyborg vats or shade-grown in small batches by a Buddhist collective of blind ex-Carmelite Wiccans.

— Michael Chabon

The Buddhist message is a message not of the negation of life, but one of affirmation.

— Frederick Lenz

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