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Quotes About Brutality

You can hardly walk up to complete strangers and say, "Good for you! Youve risked banishment and brutality and ostracism just to be together, and I applaud your choice! Youre in the vanguard of social change, and even though its hard on you, the generations that come after you will have an easier time of it because you were brave enough to fall in love." So instead I told them I liked their baby. It means the same thing, but its more socially acceptable.
— Sharon Shinn —

It is eminently possible to have a market-based economy that requires no such brutality and demands no such ideological purity. A free market in consumer products can coexist with free public health care, with public schools, with a large segment of the economy
like a national oil company
held in state hands. It's equally possible to require corporations to pay decent wages, to respect the right of workers to form unions, and for governments to tax and redistribute wealth so that the sharp inequalities that mark the corporatist state are reduced. Markets need not be fundamentalist.

— Naomi Klein

The biggest threat against the survival of humanity is not brutality and unkindness, it is stupidity and selfishness.

— M.F. Moonzajer

In that time while he was still aware, which was the worse, I wonder: the agony of his physical torture or the horror of their utter hatred, of their moral certainty that he was so beyond the bounds of what they could accept that he deserved not just a death but one of such brutality, such inhumanity, as would make the seraphs who burned Sodom bow their heads in cold respect? What is it like, I wonder, to learn the full capacity of hatred in a lesson hammered home with bone broken on wood and skin ripped on barbed wire?

— Hal Duncan

Summer makes me suicidal. It sucks all the magick out of life, and even sleeping becomes an exercise in fruitless brutality. I cannot comprehend what it is in the souls who await this misery. Nothing worthwhile can survive the heat. The birds and the bees are harbingers of hell, ushering in a season of disease. There is nothing in these months that speaks to me. It conspires to keep me from ever reaching home.

— Damien Echols

Nothing but brutality will get through to these people. Some evils should not be given a second chance.

— Bella Forrest

The person who is brutally honest enjoys the brutality quite as much as the honesty. Possibly more.

— Richard J. Needham

It is only our humanity that can deliver us from the brutality of our achievements.

— Henry Rollins

I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its futility, its stupidity. a

— Dwight D. Eisenhower

Against my will, I became a witness to the most terrible defeat of reason and to the most savage triumph of brutality ever chroniclednever before did a generation suffer such a moral setback after it had attained such intellectual heights.

— Stefan Zweig

Poetry cannot block a bullet or still a sjambok, but it can bear witness to brutality-thereby cultivating a flower in a graveyard.

— Nelson Mandela

Just because I was at an anti-police brutality protest, doesn't mean I'm anti-police. We want justice, but stop shooting unarmed people.

— Quentin Tarantino

Reason ... contradicts the established order of men and things on behalf of existing societal forces that reveal the irrational character of this order for "rational" is a mode of thought and action which is geared to reduce ignorance, destruction, brutality, and oppression.

— Herbert Marcuse

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