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Quotes About Brawn And Brains

I have a deep thought for you. Science fiction is just beginning to catch up with the Old Testament. See artificial nitrates run off into the rivers and oceans. See carbon dioxide melt the polar ice caps. See the worlds mineral reserves dwindle. See war, famine and plague. See barbaric hordes defile the temple of virgins. See wild stallions mount the prairie dogs. I said science fiction but I guess I meant science. Anyway theres some kind of mythical and/or historic circle-thing being completed here. But I keep smiling. I keep telling myself theres nothing to worry about as long as the youth of America knows whats going on. Brains, brawn, good teeth. tallness.
— Don DeLillo —

Brains will always conquer brawn, in the end. The soldiers can flex their muscles all they want, but the well-thought-out tactics of the generals are what win the war.

— Patrick Hall

I'd rather die fighting to keep us free to do as we wish, fighting to be free to come and go as we please, fighting so we no longer need to hide. Fighting the fear that all of you were programmed since birth to have. Fighting against Quill's bigotry, which says brains and brawn are better, or more important, than creativity.
Marcus Today

— Lisa McMann

This is a universal human dream - that brains, not brawn, will rule - and the fact that America has the world's finest institutions of higher education may be our greatest single national asset.

— David Ignatius

My wife, ladies and gentlemen. Beauty, brains, and now brawn.

— Richelle Mead

I'll tell you ... why Wonder Woman worked. Or Bionic Woman. Or any of those [shows] really. It was because it wasn't about brawn ... it was about brains. And yes, she happened to be beautiful, she happened to be kind of extraordinary in some way, but she wasn't a guy. And I think that, [now], they ... put out a female hero, and all they are doing is changing the costume from a man to a woman ... they're not showcasing any of the tremendous dichotomies than women possess in term of softness and toughness, sweetness and grit, inner and outer strength.

— Lynda Carter

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