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Quotes About Biomedical

Though biomedical science has vastly increased mankinds average life expectancy, the maximum has not changed in verifiable recorded history.
— Sherwin B. Nuland —

Eva walked along the wall that held all of Michael's books. Shelves of science texts - physics, astronomy, a full set of Darwin's writings, new works in biomedical genetics - these were at the bottom, and books on philosophy and religion at the top. A row of poetry books caught her eye. Rumi, Whitman, Neruda - impossible to comprehend what he might be looking for in the poets' works he collected. Love possibly, but not love the way she understood it. She couldn't wait until she would no longer have to study, but Michael - he loved to study even when he wasn't a student.

— J.J. Brown

I'm a medical doctor and a biomedical scientist.

— Steven Hatfill

The 1st Congressional District contains almost half of the biotech and biomedical companies in Washington, and my job often allows me to meet the people responsible for this exciting research.

— Jay Inslee

The woman may be a biomedical engineer, but I begin to think that she is a certifiable idiot.

— Jessica Khoury

Over his illustrious career, John Harris has explored the most challenging bioethical questions with insight, engaging wit, and eloquence. In Enhancing Evolution, Harris does it again. He argues that it is not just an option but an obligation for people to use available biomedical technologies to enhance their own
and their children's
physical and mental abilities. Harris rightly deserves his reputation for fearlessly following his ethical arguments wherever they lead.

— Ezekiel Emanuel

Ann Sjoerdsma has successfully blended the fascinating story of her illustrious father's scientific achievements [in wide-ranging] drug research, with an enjoyable historic account of the astounding progress of biomedical science during the second half of the 20th century.

— Arvid Carlsson

I think there's a lack of understanding which is partly our fault as scientists and physicians in not communicating well enough with the public. But there's a lack of understanding of how important biomedical research is.

— Laurie Glimcher

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