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Quotes About Being Cut Off

I mean, six years ago my electricitys being cut off and my cars getting repossessed and Im being evicted from my apartment, and now Im all Yeah, havin dinner with Rudy in the Hamptons, what of it?
— Jen Lancaster —

Being cut off from our own natural self-compassion is one of the greatest impairments we can suffer. Along with our ability to feel our own pain go our best hopes for healing, dignity and love. What seems nonadapative and self-harming in the present was, at some point in our lives, an adaptation to help us endure what we then had to go through. If people are addicted to self-soothing behaviours, it's only because in their formative years they did not receive the soothing they needed. Such understanding helps delete toxic self-judgment on the past and supports responsibility for the now. Hence the need for compassionate self-inquiry.

— Gabor Maté

And if Amsterdam was hell, and if hell was a memory, then he realized that perhaps there was some purpose to his being lost. Cut off from everything that was familiar to him, unable to discover even a single point of reference, he saw that his steps, by taking him nowhere, were taking him him nowhere but into himself. He was wandering inside himself, and he was lost. Far from troubling him, this state of being lost because a source of happiness, of exhilaration. He breathed it into his very bones. As if on the brink of some previously hidden knowledge, he breathed it into his very bones and said to himself, almost triumphantly: I am lost.

— Paul Auster

Burnt was part of the gang that cut off Raffe's wings. Because of that, the sword had to leave Raffe. Now, she's stuck with me, a weakling little human. She's had to suffer insult upon insult since then, including being laughed at. And now, the final humiliation-Burnt's about to beat us into the ground with no more than two or three blows.
Boy, is she pissed.
Fine. I'm pissed too. This bastard took my sister and look what happened.

— Susan Ee

He was alone in an airless, partially disabled ship, all communication with Earth cut off. There was not another human being within half a billion miles. And yet, in one very real sense, he was not alone. Before he could be safe, he must be lonelier still.

— Arthur C. Clarke

I am convinced that love is the most durable power in the world. It is not an expression of impractical idealism, but of practical realism. Far from being the pious injunction of a Utopian dreamer, love is an absolute necessity for the survival of our civilization. To return hate for hate does nothing but intensify the existence of evil in the universe. Someone must have sense enough and morality enough to cut off the chain of hate and evil, and this can only be done through love.
- Martin Luther King Jr.

— Martin Luther King, Jr.

Is it terrible? Being cut off from spirit's high?" "No, because being with you is a greater high than spirit, drinking, or anything else could ever conjure.

— Richelle Mead

Prayerless people cut themselves off from God's prevailing power, and the frequent result is the familiar feeling of being overwhelmed, overrun, beaten down, pushed around, defeated. Surprising numbers of people are willing to settle for lives like that. Don't be one of them. Nobody has to live like that. Prayer is the key to unlocking God's prevailing power in your life.

— David Jeremiah

Being told to cut off and walk away from a child - I cannot imagine it. I think I'd rather die.

— Kate Winslet

I mean, six years ago my electricity's being cut off and my car's getting repossessed and I'm being evicted from my apartment, and now I'm all Yeah, havin' dinner with Rudy in the Hamptons, what of it?

— Jen Lancaster

I have never belonged wholeheartedly to country or State, to my circle of friends or even to my own family ... Such isolation is sometimes bitter, but I do not regret being cut off from the understanding and sympathy of other men. I lose something by it,to be sure, but I am compensated for it in being rendered independent of the customs, opinions and prejudices of others, and am not tempted to rest my peace of mind upon such shifting foundations.

— Albert Einstein

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