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Quotes About Barbie And Ken

And there they were being so responsible, practicing safe sex and all. Shed been a fool to believe all that hype, she thought. The only hundred percent safe sex was between Barbie and Ken, and shed heard rumors that they werent doing it anymore.
— Christopher Pike —

You can buy a Talking Barbie anywhere, but you can't even special order Listening Ken.

— Burl Barer

For some reason my father saw no problem with us pplaying "barbie and ken go to hawaii to save their marriage by picking up another couple for sexy good times," but if barbie and ken had gone to hawaii to "rescue another couple from a crazed kidnapper," that would have been wrong.

— Michele Jaffe

If Eleanor tried to kiss Park, it would be real-life version of some little girl making her Barbie kiss Ken. Just smashing their faces together.

— Rainbow Rowell

Kids don't plan to play. They don't go: 'Barbie, Ken, you ready to play? It's gonna be a three-act.'

— Lynda Barry

Because sometimes in life, Ken didn't always choose Barbie. (Jane Alcott)

— Rachel Gibson

Oooh. Barbie has a brain, huh?" The smile was gone. His voice low, gravelly.
"Oooh. Ken has an attitude," she snapped back.

— Francine Pascal

Oh, hey," I said, "This is Roger, my new partner. Roger, this is Jacob, my, uh ... " God, could there be a worse word than "boyfriend?" It made us sound like Barbie and Ken. Or Ken and Ken. Or Ken and G.I. Joe. I told my mind to stop stalling and think of a way to say it. "My partner ... at home

— Jordan Castillo Price

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