Quotes About Animal Welfare

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Quotes About Animal Welfare

Eating a piece of meat, at its most efficient, we could say is like throwing away six times that amount of food every time you eat it because youre recycling all those calories through it. I know a lot of people who came to this issue not through animal welfare but through wastefulness.
— Jonathan Safran Foer —

What does animal welfare have to do with food safety? The animals are the food! They are living in their own excrement, developing horrific sores, stressed out, and, therefore, more vulnerable to illness and disease.

— Jane Velez-Mitchell

I'm very much into animal welfare.

— Teresa Palmer

I had been involved in animal welfare groups, but DDAL presented an opportunity to actually create and pass legislation aimed at issues which really matter to so many people. From local spaying and neutering ordinances, to legislation against puppy mills, to standards to prevent animals from being tested for the sake of a new cosmetic, we could - and did - make a difference.

— Doris Day

Actually I do believe we need a proper licensed regime that works better and is much more focused on animal welfare.

— Andrea Leadsom

I despise 'animal welfare.' That's like saying, 'Let's beat the slaves three times a week instead of five times a week'.

— Gary Yourofsky

Miley [Cyrus] is so sweet. In this generation - and I know because I have two teenage boys - they don't really have to care about things. It's kind of a desensitized generation. I'm so impressed that she's really vegan and outspoken about animal welfare.

— Pamela Anderson

We're supposed to show people how the world is, to give them the tools they need to make good decisions as citizens or consumers. Depending on what your values are - the environment, your health, animal welfare - the answers are going to be different for every person.

— Michael Pollan

There are many animal-welfare groups that sometimes seem to forget that human beings are animals too, that we need to include them in our sphere of compassion.

— Jane Goodall

KFC is not black owned, but it sure knows to market heavily to African Americans - obviously hoping we won-t care about what they do the underdog, or in this case, the underchicken - So, if KFC wants to take our money and use it to pay for sloppy practices that hurt animals?I say we send them a message that this is not going to happen. I-m calling on people to boycott KFC until they adopt animal welfare systems recommended by PETA and until they stop the worst abuses of the birds they raise for their restaurants.

— Bill Vaughan

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