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Quotes About Alien Invasion

My reluctance to use alien invasion is due to the feeling that we are not likely to be invaded and taken over.
— Clifford D. Simak —

Every sickness has an alien quality, a feeling of invasion and loss of control that is evident in the language we use about it.

— Siri Hustvedt

Task complete. Shut it down."
Unable to comply, the computer responded.
"I finished."
Inaccurate statement. Previous command stipulated all listed reports and evaluations must be complete before system rest. This command by Dallas, Lieutenant Eve, priority basis, can only be countermanded at her order by fire, terrorist attack, alien invasion or an open and active case requiring her attention ...
Jesus, had she really programmed that? "I changed my mind."
Previous command specifies changes of mind, fatigue, boredom, and other lame excuses not acceptable for countermand ...
"Bite me," Eve muttered.

— J.D. Robb

The planet Mars
crimson and bright, filling our telescopes with vague intimations of almost-familiar landforms
has long formed a celestial tabula rasa on which we have inscribed our planeto-logical theories, utopian fantasies, and fears of alien invasion or ecological ruin.

— David Grinspoon

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