Quotes About Album Covers

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Quotes About Album Covers

Some of my favourite record and album covers and stuff have all been the singer, and they create a character, and they dress up a little bit.
— brendon urie —

I might do a solo album, maybe do covers, or do an acoustic thing. No Sex Pistols tours, nothing!

— Steve Jones

My guitar heroes are Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck and people like that - so I've tried to make an album of Robert Johnson covers that, well, while not totally faithful for blues purists, is faithful for people like me that grew up with the '60s and the electric blues-rock versions of Johnson's songs.

— Todd Rundgren

I met The Beatles and Stones at the same time, because Michael Cooper was doing several of their album covers.

— Terry Southern

Every time I see this one particular movie star on a magazine, I can't help but feel terribly sorry for her because nobody respects her at all, and yet they keep interviewing her. And the interviews are all the same thing.
They start with what food they are eating in some restaurant. "As _____ gingerly munched her Chinese Chicken Salad, she spoke of love." And all the covers say the same thing: "_____ gets to the bottom of stardom, love, and his/her hit new movie/television show/album."
I think it's nice for stars to do interviews to make us think they are just like us, but to tell you the truth, I get the feeling that it's all a big lie. The problem is I don't know who's lying.

— Stephen Chbosky

I don't think I'd ever make an album of just covers because I love writing my own music.

— Taylor Swift

I've always been a fan of album covers with no writing on them and have used them a lot in my own groups.

— Mark Lanegan

I grew up in a very musical household. My brother had KISS and Van Halen records, but my parents loved country and show tunes, so I had all of those records when a kid. I pretty much knew exactly what I was going to do at a young age. I loved album covers, I loved listening to a record and staring at the art while listening to it. When I got older and discovered paining, drawing and PhotoShop, I was able to do both simultaneously; I enjoy making both.

— Piggy D.

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