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Quotes About Above Average

Every American should have above average income, and my Administration is going to see they get it.
— William J. Clinton —

At a bit over two meters tall, she was only slightly above average height for a Martian male, but thanks in part to her Polynesian ancestry, she weighed in at over a hundred kilos at one g. None of it was fat, but her muscles seemed to get bigger every time she even walked through a weight room. As a marine, she trained all the time.

— James S.A. Corey

There is almost nothing more common than the belief that one is above average in intelligence, wisdom, honesty, etc.

— Sam Harris

You know, my boy, he said, it's impossible to love men such as they are. And yet we must. So try to do good to men by doing violence to your feelings, holding your nose, and shutting your eyes, especially shutting your eyes. Endure their villainy without anger, as much as possible; try to remember that you're a man too. For, if you're even a little above average intelligence, you'll have the propensity to judge people severely. Men are vile by nature and they'd rather love out of fear. Don't give in to such love: despise it always.

— Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Remember that it is changes in the slope of the platform, not the level of the platform, that create shareholder value at an above-average rate.

— Clayton M. Christensen

I didn't have a very starry school career, I was medium to above average, nothing special.

— Richard Dawkins

Above average intelligence has always run in my family. Ambition, however, has always walked with a limp.

— Jeff MacNelly

The average estimate themselves by what they do, the above average by what they are.

— Friedrich Schiller

The United States Congress, acting with large bipartisan majorities, at the urging of the President, enacted as the law of the land that all children are to be above average.

— Charles A. Murray

Investors that do the best, and have done the best, are those that stay and compound at above-average rates over the long term.

— John Paulson

Not saying I rate myself lots now, but I rate myself more because I've been exercising. I'd say a six now. Just above average. There are a lot of good-looking people out there, you see, so more than six is getting a bit cocky.

— Peter Andre

I asked many friends if Australian anti-intellectualism was still a living force and they all told me it was. If you are above average intelligence, hide this embarrassing fact.

— George Mikes

The average detective story is probably no worse than the average novel, but you never see the average novel. It doesn't get published. The average
or only slightly above average
detective story does ... Whereas the good novel is not at all the same kind of book as the bad novel. It is about entirely different things. But the good detective story and the bad detective story are about exactly the same things, and they are about them in very much the same way.

— Raymond Chandler

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