Quotes About A True Believer

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Quotes About A True Believer

To a true believer, death is but going to church: from the church below to the church above.
— Augustus Toplady —

A true believer is a danger to humanity.

— Al Jaffee

Work that mojo, gray girl. Consider me a true believer now. Hallelujah.

— Michelle Rowen

I'm a true believer that if someone bothers you, you care.

— Elisabeth Hasselbeck

You care, you dare and you share; this is the unforgettable rule of every true believer and achiever.

— Israelmore Ayivor

A Better Beard that Yours. 'All true devotees wear a beard,' said the Imam to his audience. 'Show me a thick and lustrous beard and I'll show you a true believer!' 'My goat has a beard far bushier and longer than yours,' replied Nasrudin. 'Does that mean he is a better Muslim than you?

— Idries Shah

A true believer may worship Jehovah, Allah, or Brahma, the supernatural beings who allegedly created all life; a true believer may slavishly adhere to a dogma designed theoretically to improve life; yet for life itself-its pleasures, wonders, and delights-he or she holds minimal regard. Music, chess, wine, card games, attractive clothing, dancing, meditation, kites, perfume, marijuana, flirting, soccer, cheeseburgers, any expression of beauty, and any recognition of genius or individual excellence: each of those things has been severely condemned and even outlawed by one cadre of true believers or another in modern times.

— Tom Robbins

I'm not a big fan of religion for that reason. But I am a true believer in God, and I have great faith, and I think that a spiritual connection with something is a really important part of our experience. That doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the church.

— Shaun Cassidy

When you put your total faith in God, no matter what happens, to a person who's a true believer, if you die, you know you're going to heaven to be with God.

— Jim Bakker

I'm a true believer in prayer, a big believer in prayer.

— Janet Jackson

You know for years, I've heard financial experts stress the importance of teaching your kids about money, but it wasn't until I saw my own son's perspective change that I became a true believer.

— LZ Granderson

No man is a true believer unless he desireth for his brother that which he desireth for himself

— Elijah Muhammad

I am a true believer that a record should not be a bunch of songs that sound exactly the same.

— Bethany Cosentino

Faith has its price. When misfortune strikes the true believer, he assumes he has done something to deserve punishment, but isn't quite certain what. The realist, recognizing that he lives in a Darwinian universe, is simply grateful to have made it to another sunset.

— Jack McDevitt

I'm a true believer in working hard and partying hard. I'm fortunate to be one of those people who can have just as much fun partying without alcohol.

— Richard Branson

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