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Quotes About A Photograph

A photograph is a mirror; mostly it reflects the prejudices of the viewer.
— Bill Jay —

[W]hile our souls are meager, nature has surplus. Yet something of the mechanism's subject was indeed dissolved in that silver chloride, flattened then minted as those promiscuous postcards we saw now, which we could not now unsee, for we had accepted unawares a bit of the Canyon each time we saw a photograph of it, and those pieces, filtered and diluted, had accumulated in us, so that we never saw anything for the first time. Perhaps the ugliest of our impulses, to shove the sublime through a pinhole.

— Claire Vaye Watkins

I glanced out of the window, and it was like turning the page of a photograph album. Those roof-tops and that sea were mine no more. They belonged to yesterday, to the past.

— Daphne Du Maurier

Fantasy isn't something I put into the pictures; I don't try and inject them with a sense of play. But it's about being an honest photographer; a photograph is as much of a mirror of the photographer as it is the subject.

— Tim Walker

What a photograph shows us is how a particular thing could be seen, or could be made to look - at a specific moment, in a specific context, by a specific photographer employing specific tools.

— A. D. Coleman

Whatever else a photograph may be about, it is always about time.

— Richard Misrach

I have never taken a photograph without one thought in my head to amuse myself.

— Jacques-Henri Lartigue

The person who looks at a photograph as a complete picture, unable to say anything about anything except the facts which existed at the moment of exposure, does not see very far.

— Francis Meadow Sutcliffe

You can carry a photograph with you on a thumb drive, and you can make it bigger or smaller - it's a very malleable form of mass production.

— Mary Mattingly

A photograph is a biography of a moment.

— Art Shay

A photograph is a mirror; mostly it reflects the prejudices of the viewer.

— Bill Jay

A photograph must come from imagination and not be a reflection of what is.

— Thierry Mugler

I have never been interested in making a photograph that describes what the world I live in looks like, but I am interested in what pictures (of the world) look like.

— Uta Barth

When people look at a photograph, they believe it ... My photographs crawl along that edge. I document the world, but from my own biased point of view.

— Zoe Leonard

A [spatial, temporal] work had only to be exhibited in a gallery and then written about and reproduced as a photograph in an art magazine. Then this record of the no longer extant installation, along with accretions of information after the fact, became the basis for its fame, and to a large extent its economic value.

— Dan Graham

My point is that meaning is always personal, changeable and subjective. There is no 'correct' interpretation of a photograph.

— Bill Jay

A work of art is itself an object, first of all, and so manipulation is unavoidable: it's a prerequisite. But I needed the greater objectivity of the photograph in order to correct my own way of seeing: for instance, if I draw an object from nature, I start to stylize and to change it in accordance with my personal vision and my training. But if I paint from a photograph, I can forget all the criteria that I get from these sources. I can paint against my will, as it were. And that, to me, felt like an enrichment.

— Gerhard Richter

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