Quotes About 7 Deadly Sins

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Quotes About 7 Deadly Sins

Lord Illingworth told me this morning that there was an orchid there as beautiful as the seven deadly sins.
— Oscar Wilde —

Of all the seven deadly sins, only Envy is no fun at all.

— Joseph Epstein

There are seven deadly sins, not just one, and Christianity's understanding of marriage and chastity is intimately bound to its views on gluttony, avarice and pride. (Recall that in the Inferno, Dante consigns gluttons, misers, and spendthrifts to lower circles of hell than adulterers and fornicators.)

— Ross Douthat

In Dante's philosophy, lust is a misplaced love, but a kind of love nonetheless. For this reason, it is the least evil of the seven deadly sins.

— Sylvain Reynard

Indifference is one of the seven deadly sins, actually the greatest
of them all, because it is the only one that sins against life.

— Karl Ove KnausgÃ¥rd

Social networks do best when they tap into one of the seven deadly sins. Facebook is ego. Zynga is sloth. LinkedIn is greed.

— Reid Hoffman

Oh, my goodness, Lord Dryden. You should have seen your face when you said the word work. It's not counted among the deadly sins, you know.

— Julie Anne Long

The Bible and several other self help or enlightenment books cite the Seven Deadly Sins. They are: pride, greed, lust, envy, wrath, sloth, and gluttony. That pretty much covers everything that we do, that is sinful ... or fun for that matter.

— Dave Mustaine

Most of my reading is based on what I'm working on. I did a series of paintings based on the seven deadly sins, so I read Dante and then Milton's 'Paradise Lost.' That was a bit hard going.

— Jamie Wyeth

But of the seven deadly sins, wrath is the healthiest - next only to lust.

— Edward Abbey

Lust is the best of all the deadly sins.

— Colleen Hoover

Self-sacrifice is one of a woman's seven deadly sins (along with self-abuse, self-loathing, self-deception, self-pity, self-serving, and self-immolation).

— Sarah Ban Breathnach

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