Quotes About 20 Year Olds

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Quotes About 20 Year Olds

I feel somewhat privileged because I often feel very sorry for kids. I often feel very sorry for 20-year-olds and teens who grew up with the internet and have grown up completely connected because, for me, people like me know what it was to struggle, but it wasnt a struggle. It was great! It was fantastic. The thrill of the hunt.
— Justin Broadrick —

Akela, the great gray Lone Wolf, who led all the Pack by strength and cunning, lay out at full length on his rock, and below him sat forty or more wolves of every size and color, from badger-colored veterans who could handle a buck alone to young black three-year-olds who thought they could. The

— Rudyard Kipling

The men, who lumber around with Cowboys jerseys hanging past their coattails and their pants bagged around the heels of their boots, a fatal foreshortening of vertical line that makes them look like a bunch of hulking twelve-year-olds.

— Ben Fountain

I never get asked out by men my own age, as they all want to go out with 20-year-olds, and the men that do ask me out are too young.

— Marie Helvin

One of the problems with hip hop is lack of infrastructure and not being able to control its own course. I don't like that hip hop is full of infantile 35-year-olds. Hip hop cannot afford to be lazy.

— Chuck D

Daughters of the Steppes had their three-year-olds playing these games to help them understand the concept of divide, conquer, and destroy so that the next city or town over just gives us what we ask for.

— G.A. Aiken

Another British study discovered that average eight-year-olds were better able to identify characters from the Japanese card trading game Pokemon than native species in the community where they lived: Pikachu, Metapod, and Wigglytuff were names more familiar to them than otter, beetle, and oak tree.

— Richard Louv

There are some brilliant designers but their clothes only really suit 6 foot 20-year-olds.

— Joan Collins

In 1991, the latest year figures are available, most Americans, across all age groups, disapproved when asked the question: 'Everything considered, would you say that you approve or disapprove of wiretapping?' Some 67% of all 18-20 year olds gave the thumbs down, as did 68% of the Gen-X crowd ... Boomers disapproved of wiretapping almost 3-to-1 while 67% of those 50 and over disapproved.

— Brock N. Meeks

Incredibly, while these 18 to 20 year-olds cannot legally buy a beer, cannot purchase a bottle of wine and cannot order a drink in a bar, right now they can walk into any gun shop, any pawn shop, any gun show, anywhere in America and buy a handgun.

— Al Gore

I went through elementary school being bullied and teased. I remember someone - I can't recall his name, but I can see his face - who decided on the school bus, when I was ten or eleven, to call me "Percy." That was somehow supposed to connect to the fact that I wasn't very athletic. I was, in fact, also not very coordinated. I was not very masculine, by the standards of ten-year-olds. I remember being on the school bus and everyone chanting, "Percy! Percy! Percy!" at me.

— Andrew Solomon

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