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Pictures Tells Quotes

Im a visual thinker. Research tells us that only 20 per cent of people think visually. So what about the other 80 per cent? Dont they think in pictures? I mean if you imagine washing and preparing potatoes you visualise the process, right?
— Douglas Coupland —

I think of myth and magic as the hieroglyphics of the human psyche. They are a special language that circumvents conscious thought and goes straight to the subconscious.
Non-fiction uses the medium of information. It tells us what we need to know.
Science fiction primarily uses the medium of physics and mathematics. It tells us how things work, or could work.
Horror taps into the darker imagery of the psychology, telling us what we should fear.
Fantasy, magic and myth, however, tap into the spiritual potential of the human life. Their medium is symbolism, truth made manifest in word pictures, and they tell us what things mean on a deep, internal level. I have always been a meaning-maker. I have always been someone who strives to make sense of everything and perhaps that is where my life as a storyteller first began. Life doesn't always make sense, but story must. And so I write stories, and the world comes right again.

— Ripley Patton

A picture tells a thousand words. But you get a thousand pictures from someone's voice.

— Paul Fleischman

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