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Performer Quotes

As a standup performer, Im onstage, and its important how the audience is looking at me. Im looking at whether theyre leaning forward or not, those types of things. You read an energy. And its the same thing in a scene with other actors.
— Jerrod Carmichael —

Fans are what make a performer and I've always taken them seriously.

— Charley Pride

A lot of athletes have star quality, but they just can't perform in front of a camera. So no matter how good-looking you are, no matter what kind of presence you have, you still have to be able to be a convincing performer to become a star.

— Richard D. Zanuck

When you're a performer, you have to please a large audience. And when you're in politics, you have to please a large audience, too.

— Shirley Temple

Broadway has changed tremendously from the early days when the shows were referred to as musical comedies. Musical Theater is now a more expanded art form. Back then, singer/actors were not the norm. From the 60's to now, it is necessary to do it all to be a consummate Broadway performer.

— Betty Buckley

I felt that, in retrospect, there was a time in the late Seventies, after I had a string of hits and successes, as a performer and a recording artist, that I wasn't saying anything.

— Boz Scaggs

There are so many people in film and television that get between a performer and the audience, and that's frustrating.

— Tom Conti

I worked really hard in college, and I came out a completely different person and performer than when I went in. I did the work, and I found a craft.

— Merle Dandridge

I'm particularly keen on promoting this [Nikolai] Medtner piece, Night Wind, because I feel it is a fantastic work that hasn't been given its due yet. Admittedly, it's difficult for both the performer and the listener. The work is quite dense, comparatively long, as these things go, and demands rather active listening. But it's gripping, and I believe it should be heard much more than it has been.

— Marc-Andre Hamelin

If there's one big thing you can take from Amy Poehler as a performer, it's committing, full on.

— Andy Daly

When I get hired as an actor as opposed to a writer, one of things that's exciting for me is doing stuff I wouldn't normally do myself. So whether it's a kid's movie or a voice in animation or in this case - where I just get to be silly, it's a different kind of comedy for me. As a performer, it's a different pleasure than when you're writing or directing. As a performer, you're just in the hands of the director and you go with whatever they want to do.

— Stephen Merchant

Go with your gut every single time. It's never, ever wrong. Even if feels like everybody else is telling you that you need to do this or do that. Your gut is your artist and who you are as a person and what makes you special, and what makes you an interesting performer. Never try to be something you're not.

— Tatiana Maslany

I like playing music. I don't always like the feeling of people looking at me. I don't think I'm, like, a natural performer, but I'm getting better.

— Dan Bejar

I think probably the most difficult challenge was just the climb and rise in show business because I went through my entire twenties with some success as a comedy writer but not much as a performer. And you have to be kind of informed and naive at the same time.

— Steve Martin

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