Paranormal Activity 3 Quotes

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Paranormal Activity 3 Quotes

So, I was sitting there and I watched Paranormal Activity and I was like, Boy, white people do dumb stuff in movies. So I was like, Why dont they just leave the house ... What if paranormal activity happened to a black couple?
— Marlon Wayans —

Maybe I'll buy a camera and videotape myself 'a la Paranormal Activity style. Then I'll be able to watch myself sleepwalking and getting up to make pancakes and then standing over Midnight dangling a peice of bacon.

— Travis Thrasher

I am so scared of the 'Paranormal Activity' movies. I didn't think I was going to be able to sleep.

— Ashley Tisdale

I would highly, highly recommend seeing 'Paranormal Activity' with a friend or, better yet, a group.

— Stephen Graham Jones

The less people know about 'Paranormal Activity,' the more they enjoy it.

— Oren Peli

On 'Paranormal Activity,' it worked to my advantage not to have much of a crew, but on a bigger movie, where you have to work with a larger group of people who basically become your second family for a few months, it can be a great experience. Even though all of my projects are small scale compared to most Hollywood productions.

— Oren Peli

By trade, I am a software programmer, so I never really had any experience with movies before. I started out with 'Paranormal Activity.'

— Oren Peli

I'm just considering myself extremely lucky. All I wanted is to have 'Paranormal Activity' be released and become successful. And everything that's happened since then is just an enormous bonus.

— Oren Peli

The most pressure I felt was for the first 'Paranormal Activity,' because when it was released, whether it was going to be a hit or not, I knew it was going to be a life-altering event for me.

— Oren Peli

What bother me, not "bother me," exactly; that's not the right way to put it. But especially in the horror genre, once a movie like Paranormal Activity comes out and becomes popular - and that's a totally fine and valid movie - everyone starts copying it. Everything becomes a found-footage movie that looks like somebody shot it with their phone.

— Rob Zombie

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