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What would happen if shed open her eyes and see only dark and feel satin from the coffin? Thatd scare her enough to kill her all over again. How do they know dead people dont open their eyes and see? they dont know nothing about being dead.
— Rita Mae Brown —

The purpose of poetry is to remind us
how difficult it is to remain just one person,
for our house is open, there are no keys in the doors,
and invisible guests come in and out at will.

— CzesÅ‚aw MiÅ‚osz

Phoebe realized how very wrong she'd been about this house, this family. It was far darker, more dangerous than the places she'd grown up in. In the dingy little apartments her mother rented, everything was out in the open. Their lives were dirty and squalid, but they didn't pretend to be anything else. Here, things seemed so normal, so perfect, but it was all a deception.

— Jennifer McMahon

Don't just follow the herd. Be like a bird. Open your wings and fly high in the sky!-RVM

— R.v.m.

He does not like showing his feelings and would rather do a cruel thing than open his heart freely.

— Fyodor Dostoyevsky

I will play my part by singing the spirit into every open heart.

— Bobby Womack

Genetic modification has many different areas, for example in medicine, and Britain is at the leading edge of this new technology. I don't know, but people tell me, it could indeed by the leading science of the 21st century. All I say to people is: 'Just keep an open mind and let us proceed according to genuine scientific evidence.'

— Tony Blair

The only thing left that shows I was a heart patient is I have a scar down the middle of my chest where they went in three times to do open heart surgery. I have a brand new heart inside, and all the mechanical and electronic gear and so forth is all gone.

— Dick Cheney

We would be together and have our books and at night be warm in bed together with the windows open and the stars bright.

— Ernest Hemingway

There is a wise being living inside of you. It is your intuitive self. Focus your awareness into a deep place in your body, a place where your "gut feelings" reside. You can communicate with it by silently talking to it, making requests, or asking questions. Then relax, don't think too hard with your mind, and be open to receiving answers. They are usually very simple and relate to the present moment, not the past or the future, and they feel right.

— Shakti Gawain

We'd like to be welcomed with open arms and open legs

— Andy Biersack

You should see the eyes of some of those children when I say to them we're going to have to open your head up and take out this tumor. They're not happy about it, believe me. And they don't like me very much at that point. But later on, they love me.

— Benjamin Carson

One of the greatest attributes of jazz, I think, is that it is that open.

— Herbie Hancock

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