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O'leary Quotes

Im proud to be on the CBC and to see the management here represents both sides of every story. This is whats unique about the new CBC: you get a Kevin OLeary on it when five years ago you wouldnt.
— Kevin O'Leary —

Mrs O'Leary said, 'Tis the child I feel sorry for', and all the people looked up and saw me, so I looked especially sad, I expect the experience will give me a trauma at some stage in the future. I'm all right at the moment, but you never know.

— Sue Townsend

Ella, just stay here. Stay safe."
"Safe," Ella repeated. "Ella likes being safe. Safety in numbers. Safety deposit boxes. Ella will go with Tyson."
"What?" Percy said. "Oh ... fine, whatever. Just don't get hurt. And Mrs. O'Leary-"
"How do you feel about pulling a chariot?

— Rick Riordan

[Tyson] looked him over with that massive baby-brown eye. "You are not dead. I like it when you are not dead."
Ella fluttered to the ground and began preening her feathers. "Ella found a dog," she announced. "A large dog. And a Cyclops." Was she blushing?
Before Percy could decide, his black mastiff pounced on him, knocking Percy to the ground and barking so loudly that even Arion backed up. "Hey, Mrs. O'Leary," Percy said. "Yeah, I love you, too, girl. Good dog."
Hazel squeaked. "You have a hellhound named Mrs. O'Leary?"
"Long story.

— Rick Riordan

Sergeant O'Leary is walking the beat, at night he becomes a bar tender.

— Billy Joel

Was it for this the wild geese spread The gray wing upon every tide; For this that all that blood was shed, For this. Edward Fitzgerald died, And Robert Emmet and Wolfe Tone, All that delirium of the brave? Romantic Ireland's dead and gone, It's with O'Leary in the grave.

— William Butler Yeats

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