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Obey Quotes

Do you think that people will obey the truth because it is true, unless they love it? No, they will not. Truth is obeyed when it is loved.
— Brigham Young —

I began dividing life in absolutes ... Things and people were either perfectly bad, or perfectly good, and when life didn't obey this black-and-white rule, when things or people were complex or contradictory, I pretended otherwise. I turned every defeat into a disaster, every success into an epic triumph, and separated all people into heroes or villains. Unable to bear ambiguity, I built a barricade of delusions against it.

— J.R. Moehringer

'And it means naught to you to obey your father's orders? Where is your fealty?'
Christian felt his face flush with a surge of bitter rage. 'I keep faith with those who have kept faith with me.'
William shook his head in disbelief. 'God save me from ever having sons like you.'
'I would wish it on no man,' Christian said sincerely.

— Eli Easton

Obey every rule that will enhance your trust in God for greater work! Break every law that might cause a tear in your relationship with Him against your destiny!

— Israelmore Ayivor

The weight of this sad time we must obey,
Speak what we feel, not what we ought to say.
The oldest hath borne most: we that are young
Shall never see so much, nor live so long.

— William Shakespeare

If from one burning lamp someone lights another, then another from that one, and so on in succession, he has light continuously. In the same way, through the Apostles ordaining their successors, and these successors ordaining others, and so on, the grace of the Holy Spirit is handed down through all generations and enlightens all who obey their spiritual shepherds and teachers.

— Gregory Palamas

Every cleric must obey the Pope, even if he commands what is evil; for no one may judge the Pope.

— Pope Innocent III

Whoever has used what means he is capable of, for the informing of himself, with a readiness to believe and obey what shall be taught and prescribed by Jesus, his Lord and King, is a true and faithful subject of Christ s kingdom:;; and cannot be thought to fail in any thing necessary to salvation.

— John Locke

When Jesus is truly our Lord, He directs our lives and we gladly obey Him. Indeed, we bring every part of our lives under His lordship - our home and family, our sexuality and marriage, our job or unemployment, our money and possessions, our ambitions and recreations.

— John Stott

Our laws can be friendly to those who obey them, and too often useful to those who don't.

— Cullen Hightower

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