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Nothing In My Hand Quotes

Nothing in my hand I bring, Simply to Thy cross I cling
— Augustus Toplady —

And in that moment there's nothing I fear except losing hold of her hand.

— Jennifer Niven

When a child dies, a parent loses a part of themselves," he said. "Your whole world ceases to exist and you're nothing but a shell of the person you once were. Your mom has dealt with it in her way, me in mine, and you in yours." He lifted his hand off John's gravestone and rose. "Your mom hates the world, I avoid it, and you try to save it.

— Nicole Williams

Sounding hoarse, Dare whispered, "Tell me what you want."
The feel of his broad, strong hand against her left her quaking inside - in a good way. The tremble sounded in her tone as she tried to explain. "I want to be whole again. I want to be me, the person I was before I was taken to Tijuana."
Dare said nothing. Molly felt his hesitation, his indecision. God love the man, he didn't want to take advantage of her.
"I know what I want, Dare." She covered his hand with her own, pressed him closer. "I want to replace the bad memories with new ones. Better ones."
His hand curved around her, but he said nothing.
Watching his face, Molly whispered, "I want to do that now, with you.

— Lori Foster

Dreams are tawdry when compared with the leading of God, and not worthy of the aura of wonder we usually surround them with. God only doeth wonders. He does nothing else. His hand can work nothing less.

— Jim Elliot

It is at the times when I feel that I have nothing that the gem lies in the palm of my hand.

— Holly A. Smith

I can't tell you what that first song was about. Something about love and a boy and a girl ... And this boy can think of nothing but holding that girl's hand in the darkness ... All those ridiculous songs about love - I finally understood.

— Jennifer Flackett

He brought his great hand to rest on an early edition of Bram Stoker's novel and smiled, but said nothing. Then he moved quietly away into another section.

— Elizabeth Kostova

I do so enjoy having a viscount fall before me."
She started to remove her robe, but he stayed her with his hand. "Don't." He raked her with a heated glance. "Next session of parliament, I'll endure the boredom of the endless speeches by imagining you seducing me in all your pomp and circumstance."
"My pomp is nothing to yours, my love," she murmured as she caught his rampant flesh in her hand. "Yours is quite ... er ... pompous."
"That's what happens if the viscount falls." He thrust against her hand. "His pomp always rises."
And as she laughed, they created a pomp and circumstance all their own.

— Sabrina Jeffries

Naoko took her left hand from her pocket and squeezed my hand. 'Don't you worry,' she said. 'You'll be O.K. You could go running all around here in the middle of the night and you'd never fall into the well. And as long as I stick with you, I won't fall in, either.'
How can you be so sure?'
I just know,' she said, increasing her grip on my hand and continuing on for a ways in silence. 'I know these things. I'm always right. It's got nothing to do with logic: I just feel it. For example, when I'm really close to you like this, I'm not the least bit scared. Nothing dark or evil could ever tempt me.'
Well, that answers that,' I said. 'All you have to do is stay with me like this all the time.

— Haruki Murakami

Have a hand in your own treatment. I have nothing but praise for our doctors, but I think they could help us better, and we can help them if we work together.

— Mary Ann Mobley

Being unable to retrace our steps in Time, we decided to move forward in Space. Shall we never be able to glide back up the stream of Time, and peep into the old home, and gaze on the old faces? Perhaps when the phonograph and the kinesigraph are perfected, and some future worker has solved the problem of colour photography, our descendants will be able to deceive themselves with something very like it: but it will be but a barren husk, a soulless phantasm and nothing more. "Oh for the touch of a vanished hand, and the sound of a voice that is still!" -Wordsworth Donisthorpe, inventor of the kinesigraph camera

— Catherynne M. Valente

He cross-examined his very wine when he had nothing else at hand.

— Charles Dickens

You can go to the trenches and be blown to bits; nothing will create that spark of passion if there isn't the intervention of a human hand. Somebody has to put his hand into the machine and let it be wrenched off if the cogs are to mesh again.

— Henry Miller

Bear sorrows for the sake of the Heavenly Kingdom. Without sorrows there is no salvation. On the other hand, the Kingdom of God awaits those who have patiently endured. And all the glory of the world is nothing in comparison. My joy! I implore you to acquire a peaceful spirit.

— Seraphim Of Sarov

Here is the infallible test. Imagine yourself in a situation where you are alone, wholly alone on earth, and you are offered one of the two, books or men. I often hear men prizing their solitude but that is only because there are still men somewhere on earth even though in the far distance. I knew nothing of books when I came forth from the womb of my mother, and I shall die without books, with another human hand in my own. I do, indeed, close my door at times and surrender myself to a book, but only because I can open the door again and see a human being looking at me.

— Martin Buber

We are recipients of God's choicest blessings. We enjoy an abundance of material things beyond that enjoyed by any other nation in the history of the world; but unless we keep alive a realization that all these blessings come from God and are a part of our great spiritual heritage, they may crumble as ashes in our hands. "In nothing doth man offend God, or against none is his wrath kindled, save those who confess not his hand in all things and obey not his commandments."

— Ezra Taft Benson

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