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Not For Me Quotes

Dont cry, Raine. Not for me." "Someone should," she said.
— Shay Savage —

Shy, she's yours, that's what you say. Control your woman," High demanded. "Get her ass out."
My eyes went to Shy to see him looking at High, and he wasn't looking pissed. He was looking reflective. Then he said, "Tab and I don't play it that way. You wanna order your old lady around, do what you do, not for me to say. I asked her to go, she didn't go. Not gonna make her. But you try, you'll deal with me."
God, I loved my guy.

— Kristen Ashley

Women are supposed to want to settle down and have a family. That's not for me.

— Poppy Montgomery

I don't want to be a reality TV star - that's not for me.

— Sophie Monk

I think a lot of Jews make Israel the centerpiece of their Judaism. It becomes the centerpiece of their Jewish existence and of their faith. I have always felt that that's not for me.

— David Gregory

I'm 36 and if I met a woman of my own age and married her, I'd also be marrying her former life, her past. It might be OK for some people - I don't want to judge it or anything - but it's not for me. It would destroy my creativity.

— Henry Rollins

I aspire to write what are called 'familiar essays.' They begin in the personal and end in the universal. It's not for me to say if I have been successful at it. But that is the hope.

— David Rakoff

The miracle has passed me by; it has touched but not changed me; I still have the same name and I know I will probably bear it until the end of my days; I am no phoenix; resurrection is not for me; I have tried to fly but I am tumbling like a dazzled, awkward rooster back to earth, back behind the barbed wires.

— Erich Maria Remarque

Maybe Christ died for somebody but not for me.

— Albert Camus

When you see your male counterparts living a completely different lifestyle, I think it would be quite depressing! So no, it's not for me.

— Victoria Pendleton

You ever read an article, and at the bottom, it says, 'Continued on page six'? I'm , 'Not for me. I'm done.'

— Jim Gaffigan

If the gods care not for me and for my children, There is a reason for it.

— Marcus Aurelius

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