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No Retreat No Surrender Quotes

Until you get the measure of your own soul, Jim, dont be quick to condemn a priest, or anyone else for that matter. Im not scolding you, sweetheart," she said hurriedly. "Its just that, until youve been there, you cant know what its like to hold yourself to promises you made in good faith a long time ago. Do you hang in there, or cut your losses? Soldier on, or admit defeat and try to make the best of things?" Shed looked a little sheepish then and admitted, "You know, I used to be a real hardass about stuff like this. No retreat, no surrender! But now? Jimmy, I honestly dont know if the world would be better or worse if we all held ourselves to the vows of our youth.
— Mary Doria Russell —

What you don't do is surrender. You might retreat occasionally, but you don't give up.

— Chris Brogan

A born Texan has instilled in his system a mind-set of no retreat or no surrender. I wish everyone the world over had the dominating spirit that motivates Texans.

— Bill W. Clayton

Really, one of us ought to have the courage to call the experiment off and shoulder the responsibility for the decision, but the majority reckons that that kind of courage would be a sign of cowardice, and the first step in a retreat. They think it would mean an undignified surrender for mankind as if there was any dignity in floundering and drowning in what we don't understand and never will.

— Stanislaw Lem

We do not want an expanding struggle with consequences, that no one can perceive, nor will we bluster or bully or flaunt our power, but we will not surrender and we will not retreat, for
behind our American pledge lies the determination and resources, I believe, of all of the American nation.

— Lyndon B. Johnson

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