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No Point Arguing Quotes

Sams shoulders shifted. He thought Frank was just being smart-arsed. but Sams never done undercover, he had no way of knowing: undercovers are different: theres nothing they wont do, to themselves or anyone else, to take their guy down. There was no point arguing on this one because he meant what he said: if his kid were killed, he would take it without a murmur. Its one of the most powerful lures of undercover, the ruthlessness, no borderlines: strong stuff, strong enough to take your breath away.Its one of the reasons I left.
— Tana French —

I'd rather laugh - not fuss and fight. You can articulate your point without arguing. When you're arguing constantly, you just need to say, 'You're real cool, but you're not for me.'

— Keshia Knight Pulliam

Professional communications had always been about the attempt to generate memes, to make a message viral; abnorms just took that to a higher level. Back when he'd been a DAR agent, Cooper had read a brief arguing memetics was the most dangerous gift. As politicians had long known, people preferred short, catchy answers to complex ones, even if the short answers were oversimplified to the point of ridiculousness. Phrases like "old-world thinking" could be as devastating as a bomb, and much farther ranging.

— Marcus Sakey

There's no point in arguing with partisan supporters. Their views are their identity. Nothing you can tell the most phlegmatic follower.

— Michael Lewis

When my sixth grade teacher opened the class with subtle praise for the guardsmen shooting four people to death at Kent State, I'd given up arguing with her by that point. But I was very riled up inside and vowed that I would never forget that.

— Jello Biafra

There isn't much point arguing about the word "libertarian." It would make about as much sense to argue with an unreconstructed Stalinist about the word "democracy" - recall that they called what they'd constructed "peoples' democracies." The weird offshoot of ultra-right individualist anarchism that is called "libertarian" here happens to amount to advocacy of perhaps the worst kind of imaginable tyranny, namely unaccountable private tyranny. If they want to call that "libertarian," fine; after all, Stalin called his system "democratic." But why bother arguing about it?

— Noam Chomsky

There's no point in arguing with me- in my mind, I'm always right.

— Laura Schlessinger

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