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No Interruptions Quotes

Stick them in the Blue Room. And no interruptions for the next couple of hours, please. My guest and I will be fucking. Two hours, Nora?" "At least," she agreed. "Better make it three, Alfred." Griffin shifted Nora higher on his shoulder and continued up the stairs. "This is going to be a long summer, isnt it?" she asked. "Eight and a half inches long, if youll recall.
— Tiffany Reisz —

By God's grace I can resist the temptation to treat my children as interruptions to my will for my life. Instead, God enables me to treat my children as precious gifts he is using to shape me into his image according to his will for my life.

— Gloria Furman

I do my best thinking at night when everyone else is sleeping. No interruptions. No noise. I like the feeling of being awake when no one else is.

— Jennifer Niven

When we understand that He is Lord of our time, we realize that interruptions are of His planning. They become opportunities to serve rather than plagues to keep us from functioning.

— Karen Burton Mains

Keep your mind clear to create simple solutions. Remove any distractions, like the TV, email prompts, unnecessary interruptions or telephone calls.

— Lisa A. Mininni

Well, it doesn't sound particularly noble and knightly to say you've rescued the Chief Cook and Librarian, does it? And it has cut down on the number of interruptions. I used to get two or three knights a day, and now there's only about one a week. And the ones who do come are at least smart enough to figure out that I'm still a princess even if the dragons call me Chief Cook

— Patricia C. Wrede

If someone wants to transmit a high-quality service with no interruptions and 'guaranteed this, guaranteed that,' they should be willing to pay for that.

— Edward Whitacre, Jr.

Circumstances may cause interruptions and delays, but never lose sight of your goal.

— Mario Andretti

It's a fallacy that writers have to shut themselves up in their ivory towers to write. I have all these interruptions, three of which I gave birth to. If I was thrown for a loop every time I was distracted I could never get anything done.

— Jodi Picoult

I took out my first library card ... I spent most of my Saturdays at the library (no interruptions) breathing in the world of penniless shoeshine boys who, with goodness and perseverance, became rich, rich men, and gave baskets of goodies to the poor on holidays. The little princesses who were mistaken for maids, and the long-lost children mistaken for waifs, became more real to me than our house, our mother, our school or Mr. Freeman

— Maya Angelou

Sometimes I wake up before dawn, and I love sitting up in the middle of the bed with all the lights off, pitch-black dark, and talking to the Father, with no interruptions and nothing that reminds me that there's anything in life but me and Him.

— Charles R. Swindoll

If I have to spend a lot of time on planes, I try to think of this as time off. In certain ways, it's more restful than home: no Internet, no phones, no interruptions.

— Margaret Heffernan

Those who can sit in a chair, undistracted for hours, mastering subjects and creating things will rule the world-while the rest of us frantically and futilely try to keep up with texts, tweets, and other incessant interruptions.

— Arianna Huffington

The interruptions of the telephone seem to us to waste half the life of the ordinary American engaged in public or private business; he has seldom half an hour consecutively at his own disposal - a telephone is a veritable time scatterer.

— Beatrice Webb

For me the process works best with no interruptions, no breaks in the steady application, no letters to be answered, very little social life, no holidays; it is therefore a form of happy imprisonment.

— Patrick O'Brian

Go ahead with your life, your plans ... Don't waste time by stopping before the interruptions have started.

— Richard L. Evans

In the beginning, I had considered these stops on my journey as interruptions - but I'm coming to understand that perhaps these detours are my journey.

— Richard Paul Evans

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