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No Erase Quotes

Maybe Im too jumpy, too untrusting. The thing is, once something bad happens, theres no way to undo it. Theres no erase button on life. I cant just click the delete key and start over.
— H.M. Ward —

Maybe I'm too jumpy, too untrusting. The thing is, once something bad happens, there's no way to undo it. There's no erase button on life. I can't just click the delete key and start over.

— H.M. Ward

Sometimes pain can be sweet if we let it. It can remind us of all the good things. Just because something bad happened, it shouldn't erase the sweetness that came before it.

— Lexi Blake

I like pens. My writing is so amazing there's never a need to erase.

— Todd Barry

His failure hurt too badly for that. It was a bad equation. Best erase it and try a new one.
If adults could put aside their obsessions with such firmness, the world would undoubtedly be a better place. Robertson Davies does not say that in his Deptford Trilogy ... but he strongly hints at it.

— Stephen King

When I see your scars, do I want to erase them? Absolutely. But not your physical scars. The real ones, beneath the surface. The ones that compel you to stay silent or force you to cringe. Those are the scars I want to obliterate." His finger circles the dip of a burn mark on her forearm. "This is a battle trophy and nothing to be ashamed of. Every one of your scars makes you more beautiful to me.

— Laura Kreitzer

I told you Clara, I don't stay in one place long. And nobody comes with me. I don't marry none of them either. Erase me from your head because you're just not the one kid. Not just that you're young, which you are, but what I want is a voice. A way a woman talks to me, says things to me I don't know and am astonished to hear and I'll know her as soon as I hear her.

— Joyce Carol Oates

We can erase everything that caused you pain with its recollection

— Cassandra Clare

Black folk, a lot of us lived as victims in a certain part of our history. And we had to really erase that tape. We're not victims. We are citizens.

— Dorothy Cotton

When another player screws up, I kind of erase it and make a good play.

— Bob Sanders

It is not possible to erase racism just because African-Americans have reached a level of financial success and crossover appeal.

— Farrah Gray

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