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Name Spelling Quotes

The spelling of place names in Anglo Saxon England was an uncertain business, with no consistency and no agreement even about the name itself. Thus London was variously rendered as Lundonia, Lundenberg, Lundenne, Lundene, Lundenwic, Lundenceaster and Lundres.
— Bernard Cornwell —

Magic swirls about us like an invisible fog of energy that can be tapped by those gifted enough, using a variety of techniques that center on layered spelling, mumbled incantations, and a burst of concentrated thought channeled through the index fingers. The technical name for this energy is "variable electro-gravitational mutable subatomic force," which doesn't mean anything at all
confused scientists just gave it an important-sounding name so as not to lose face. The usual term is "wizidrical energy," or simply "the crackle.

— Jasper Fforde

They actually succeed in spelling his name right in the newspapers. That in itself is fame, on the continent.

— Oscar Wilde

A few people have said that I should change my name and the spelling so that people can say it, but I don't want to, I like it the way it is.

— Ioan Gruffudd

Why? I mean, why you? I can perfectly comprehend not liking my husband. I dislike him intensely most of the time."
Professor Lyall stifled a chuckle. "I am given to understand that he does not approve of spelling one' s name with two ll's. He finds it inexcusably Welsh. I suspect he may be quite taken with you, however.

— Gail Carriger

Examples of human stupidity. Blasphemy in Pakistan can now include spelling errors by children or throwing away a card bearing the name "Muhammad".

— William C. Brown

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