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My Shorty Quotes

Its simple. If you go to see Saturday Night Fever expecting it to be good, its a corker. However, if you go expecting it to be a crock of shit, its that, too. Thus Saturday Night Fever can exist in two mutually opposing states at the very same time, yet only by the weight of our expectations. From this principle we can deduce that any opposing states can be governed by human expectation - even, as in the case of retro-deficit-engineering, the present use of a future technology." "I think I understand that. Does it work with any John Travolta movie?" "Only the artistically ambiguous ones such as Pulp Fiction or Face/Off. Battlefield Earth doesnt work, because its a stinker no matter how much you think youre going to like it, and Get Shorty doesnt work either, because youd be hard-pressed not to enjoy it, irrespective of any preconceived notions.
— Jasper Fforde —

Hey, bro, do you think you can put Shorty back on her chain?"
I stepped forward with my hands on my hips, only slightly intimidated to find Kaleb almost eye level with me when he was seated and I was standing.
"First of all, no one is the boss of me but me. Secondly, if you ever reference my 'chain' again, I will kick your ass." I jabbed him hard in the chest with my finger. Possibly breaking it. "And thirdly, don't call me Shorty."
Kaleb sat silently for a second, his eyes wide as he looked at Michael. "Where did you get her? Can you get me one?"
I blew out a loud, frustrated sigh and dropped down beside Michael, who didn't even try to hide his smile. "You should probably apologize to Emerson."
"I am sorry." Kaleb grinned at me. "Sorry I didn't meet you first.

— Myra McEntire

Shorty felt about the war the same way I and most ghetto Negroes did:
Whitey owns everything. He wants us to go and bleed for him? Let him fight.

— Malcolm X

The baby regarded Mike gravely as she discoursed to it about a poor drowned woofum-wuffums, and did the bad man treat it badly, then. The baby belched eloquently.
"He belches in English!" I remarked.
"Did it have the windy ripples?" cooed Mike. "Give us a kiss, honey lamb."
The baby immediately flung its little arms around her neck and planted a whopper on her mouth.
"Wow!" said Mike when she got her breath. "Shorty, could you take lessons!"
"Lessons my eye," I said jealously. "Mike, that's no baby, that's some old guy in his second childhood.

— Theodore Sturgeon

As the lad himself might say, cut my legs off and call me Shorty! Elvis Presley can act ... Acting is his assignment in this shrewdly upholstered showcase, and he does it.

— Howard Thompson

People behind the Iron curtain have such an incredible image of America and jazz. I expected to find a Gerry Mulligan or Miles Davis on every corner ... I almost expected a Shorty Rogers to deliver the milk, a Bud Shank to be the mailman.

— Gabor Szabo

I thought my Jesus Piece was so harmless
'Till I see a picture of a shorty armless

— Kanye West

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