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My Heart Lock Quotes

Feel that?" he asked. "Youre the first woman whos ever made my heart beat like that. Youre the first woman Ive ever wanted to spend all my time with, the only one who could convince me to start a new life. Youre the first woman whos ever made me genuinely happy. Who makes me glad to be alive, who makes me burn hotter than fire. Youre the first woman whos ever made me afraid." I stared at him. "Afraid?" "Afraid of how good this is. Afraid it wont last." He pushed a lock of hair off my forehead. "Scared to death of losing you." "Oh." I was speechless. I swallowed hard. "Youre ... You dont have to be scared of losing me." Something flickered in his expression that I didnt understand, couldnt decipher. "I dont?" he said. "No." I shook my head. "No." "Good." He pulled me closer. "Because youre the first woman Ive never wanted to let go.
— Nina Lane —

A woman should be mindful that the key to one man's heart does not necessarily fits into the lock of another.

— Dennis E. Adonis

If he could bottle her strength
and vitality, he would. He would take everything that
was Tessa and lock it into a corner of his heart, to take
out when the emptiness got too overwhelming.

— Taryn Elliott

Jealousy is the lock that closes your heart, understanding is the key that opens it.

— Ken Petti

When you love someone, really love someone, it's a lasting mark on your soul. There's a lock on your heart that you'll carry with you always. You may lose the key or give it away, but the lock stays with you all the same.

— Cora Carmack

Eva Stachniak has given readers a thrilling glimpse into the scandals and secrets at the heart of the Russian Imperial court. With deft prose and exquisite detail, Stachniak has resurrected one of the most compelling ages in history. Turn off the phones and lock the doors-you will not put it down.

— Deanna Raybourn

To me, defense is a mental attitudeÂ…it takes will and heart to go out there and lock your man up.

— Michael Finley

As soon as you are in a social setting, you better take away the key to the lock of your heart and pocket it; those who leave thekey in the lock are fools.

— Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Every friend whom not thy fantastic will but the great and tender heart in thee craveth, shall lock thee in his embrace. And this because the heart in thee is the heart of all; not a valve, not a wall, not an intersection is there anywhere in nature, but one blood rolls uninterruptedly in endless circulation through all men, as the water of the globe is all one sea, and, truly seen, its tide is one.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

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