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Multiplier Quotes

The evil genius of terrorism is that that maximizes unfamiliarity, imaginability, suffering, scale of destruction, unfairness. Its really important to understand why terrorism is so frightening because it is a psychological war and until you understand it and try to reduce the dread, until then you become like a force multiplier for the terrorists inadvertently because youll tend to overreact to terrorist attacks because the dread factor is so high.
— Amanda Ripley —

A robber who justified his theft by saying that he really helped his victims, by his spending giving a boost to retail trade, would find few converts; but when this theory is clothed in Keynesian equations and impressive references to the "multiplier effect," it unfortunately carries more conviction.

— Murray N. Rothbard

Influence is best measured not only by military hardware and GDP, but also by other people's perceptions that we, the United States, are using our power legitimately. That belief - that we are acting in the interests of the global commons and in accordance with the rule of law - is what the military would call a 'force multiplier.'

— Samantha Power

Manufacturing still has the greatest multiplier effect, in terms of job creation, of any sector of the economy.

— William Clay Ford, Jr.

Ideas are just a multiplier of execution.

— Derek Sivers

Great engineers are a huge multiplier.

— Steve Jobs

Gratitude is the great multiplier, so say thank you for your health every single day.

— Rhonda Byrne

Gratitude is the great multiplier.

— Rhonda Byrne

In the military we are always looking for ways to leverage up our forces. Having greater communications and command and control over your forces than your enemy has over his is a force multiplier. Having greater logistics capability than the enemy is a force multiplier. Having better-trained commanders is a force multiplier. Perpetual optimism, believing in yourself, believing in your purpose, believing you will prevail, and demonstrating passion and confidence is a force multiplier. If you believe and have prepared your followers, the followers will believe.

— Colin Powell

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