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Mr Green Jeans Quotes

What time is it?" Lula asked. "I might need a doughnut. Is it doughnut time?" "Im thinking about eating healthier," I said. "More vegetables and fewer doughnuts." "Whats that about?" "I dont know. It just came over me." "Its a bad idea. What do I look like, Mr. Green Jeans? How would it sound if I said its vegetable time? People would think I was a nut. Nobody gets a craving for a vegetable. And Im the one on the diet. What am I gonna do with one carrot or one asparagus? They are not mood enhancers, if you see what Im saying." "I see what youre saying, but there arent any doughnuts between here and Ernies house." "I guess I could wait. And maybe youre right about the healthy eating. Im gonna get a carrot cake doughnut.
— Janet Evanovich —

In '87, I was about 9 years old, and so at that point I was wearing, like, fluorescent green T-shirts and acid-wash jeans and leg warmers, and my hair was in a ponytail with a scrunchie and I had the teased bangs that were up in a rainbow shape. It was crazy.

— Malin Akerman

That night, after Gansey had gone to meet Blue, Ronan retrieved one of Kavinsky's green pills from his still-unwashed pair of jeans and returned to bed. Propped up in the corner, he stretched out his hand to Chainsaw, but she ignored him. She had stolen a cheese cracker and now was very busily stacking things on top of it to make sure Ronan would never take it back. Although she kept glancing back at his outstretched hand, she pretended not to see it as she added a bottle cap, an envelope, and a sock to the pile hiding the cracker.

— Maggie Stiefvater

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