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The gospel, if it is really believed, removes neediness - the need to be constantly respected, appreciated, and well regarded; the need to have everything in your life go well; the need to have power over others. All of these great, deep needs continue to control you only because the concept of the glorious God delighting in you with all His being is just that - a concept and nothing more. Our hearts dont believe it, so they operate in default mode. Paul is saying that if you want to really change, you must let the gospel teach you - that is to train, discipline, coach you - over a period of time. You must let the gospel argue with you. You must let the gospel sink down deeply into your heart, until it changes your motivation and views and attitudes.
— Timothy Keller —

Don't be afraid to go left when the world is going right. The French learned that the people have power to make change, they did this through love for their countrymen! They wanted a better France for themselves, their children's future, and their children's future. The "French Revolutions" and peaceful marches against their governments proved that people have to change the world around them, that we all have the ability to change this world for a better future.

— Martin R. Lemieux

The privilege to work is a gift.
The power to work is a blessing.
The love of work is success.

— David O. McKay

This, then, is the fate of your sons,
Oh Rome, oh celebrated power!
Singer of love, singer of the gods,
Tell me, what is glory?
A hollow rumbling from the grave, a praising voice,
A sound speeding from generation to generation?
Or under the shade of a smoky shelter
The tale of a wild gypsy?

— Alexander Pushkin

This highlights the single most important geopolitical fact in the world: the United States controls all of the oceans. No other power in history has been able to do this. And that control is not only the foundation of America's security but also the foundation of its

— George Friedman

My favorite power food is Greek yogurt and honey.

— Misty May-Treanor

The superior power of population cannot be checked without producing misery or vice.

— Thomas Malthus

The habit of collecting, of attachment to things, is an essential human trait. But Western civilization put collecting on a pedestal by inventing museums. Museums are about representing power. It could be the king's power or, later, people's power.

— Orhan Pamuk

(The Francophile and radical John Stuart Mill had noted, not long after the Commune fell, in a letter to an English union leader, "an infirmity of the French mind"-that of "being led away by phrases, and treating abstractions as if they were realities which have a will and exert active power.")

— Anonymous.

If you never have sex you never gain a sense of power. You never gain a voice or an identity of your own. Sex is the act that separates us from our parents. Children from adults. It's by having sex that adolescents first rebel.
And if you never have sex, you never grow beyond everything else your parents taught you. If you never break the rule against sex, you won't break any other rule.

— Chuck Palahniuk

The stupidity of men always invites the insolence of power.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

A great man is one who can have power and not abuse it.

— Henry Latham Doherty

To abstain from the enjoyment which is in our power, or to seek distant rather than immediate results, are among the most painful exertions of the human will.

— Nassau William Senior

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