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A fierce literary woman with a penchant for married men, Margaret Fuller was ultimately torn between motherhood and her final career as a political reporter.
— Susan Cheever —

He loved her for her wit, her cynicism, her deceptions. Less than lovable these seem to me now. They are both sly, Hugh and Margaret, they are socially awkward, easily embarrassed. But cold underneath, you may be sure, colder than us easy flirts with our charms and conquests. They do not reveal themselves. They will never admit to anything, never have to talk about anything, no, I could claw their skin and it would be my own fingers that would bleed. I could scream at them till my throat bursts and never alter their self-possession, change the look of their sly averted faces. Both blond, both easy blushers, both cold mockers. They have contempt for me. That is rubbish of course. Nothing for me. All for each other. Love.

— Alice Munro

Margaret," she told me time and again, "you may be anything you wish, so long as you're never boring.

— Karen Hawkins

I was married to Margaret Joan Howe in 1940. Although not a scientist herself she has contributed more to my work than anyone else by providing a peaceful and happy home.

— Frederick Sanger

I want to be America's Margaret Thatcher. I will be the next Iron Lady.

— Michele Bachmann

Margaret is the most beautiful woman I've laid eyes on. The men in this county must be crazy not to see that.

— Colleen Coble

It would have been a very, very good thing if the next election after Margaret went we had lost.

— Denis Thatcher

My kind publishers, Toby Mundy and Margaret Stead of Atlantic Books, have commissioned me to write the life of Queen Victoria.

— A. N. Wilson

But it was no smiling matter to Margaret. She attended to what Mr. Bell was saying. Her thoughts ran upon the Idea, before entertained, but which now had assumed the strength of a conviction, that Mr. Thornton no longer held his former good opinion of her-that he was disappointed in her. She did not feel as if any explanation could ever reinstate her-not in his love, for that and any return on her part she had resolved never to dwell upon, and she kept rigidly to her resolution-but in the respect and high regard which she had hoped would have ever made him willing, in the spirit of Gerald Griffin's beautiful lines,
'To turn and look back when thou hearest The sound of my name.

— Elizabeth Gaskell

Of the palace to inform me that Lady Margaret

— Philippa Gregory

Margaret Thatcher was beyond argument a great Prime Minister. Her tragedy is that she may be remembered less for the brilliance of her many achievements than for the recklessness with which she later sought to impose her own increasingly uncompromising views.

— Geoffrey Howe

I did not read Gone with the Wind, although I've seen the movie, and I read every book on Margaret Mitchell.

— Shannen Doherty

[Margaret] Thatcher had just become prime minister; there was talk about whether it was an advance to have a woman prime minister if it was someone with policies like hers: She may be a woman but she isn't a sister, she may be a sister but she isn't a comrade.

— Caryl Churchill

Margaret Thatcher - this great lady has not only served her country well, she has served the free world well.

— Ronald Reagan

Going to bed with Gertrude Stein, Jeane Kirkpatrick, Susan Sontag, or Margaret Thatcher: There are some things one prefers neither to do nor to have done.

— Edward Abbey

Margaret Fuller was already a celebrity, travelling around the world. Emerson, who was the axis around which that whole community turned, just didn't like Fourier's ideas very much. He thought it was all too rigid and programmatic. He said, "Fourier had skipped no fact but one, namely life." He thought it was an inhumane system - the day is scheduled too precisely. He didn't think it would work, and he was right.

— Christine Jennings

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