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Love You You Forever Quotes

People give flowers as presents because flowers contain the true meaning of love. Anyone tries to possess a flower will have to watch its beauty fading. But if you simply look at a flower on a field, you will keep it forever, because the flower is part of the evening and the sunset and the smell of damp earth and the clouds on the horizon.
— Paulo Coelho —

If you love someone, you stand by him, forever, no matter what.

— Han Nolan

I love you, Nora. I will think you beautiful when I have no eyes left to see. I will remember your voice when my ears go. You can't hold on to me forever, but I will hold on to you until I am nothing but dirt.

— Lia Habel

And your parents, believe me-I don't care what kind of relationship you've got with them-they'll take you up on that offer. You share that sandwich with them-are you hearing me?-you share that glory sandwich with them and they'll love you forever.

— Adam Levin

I love you more than I have loved anything or anyone. I am with you in this. I am with you forever.

— Rachel Higginson

You loved people and you came to depend on their being there. but people died or changed or went away and it hurt too much. The only way to avoid that poin was not to love anyone, and not to let anyone get too close or too important. The secret of not being hurt like this again, I decided, was never depending on anyone, never needing, never loving.
It is the last dream of children, to be forever untouched.

— Audre Lorde

How do you know you love someone?" he'd asked his dad when he was kid.
"Huh. That's a tricky one. I suppose you know you love someone when you want to make them happy."
It was as good an answer as any, Cole thought. The word didn't have to come laden with expectations. It didn't have to be difficult. It didn't mean forever, or a commitment. Love could be as ephemeral as a single breath. That didn't make it a lie.

— Lisa Henry

Liza, I love you more than any words can say. You have made me a complete person. You are everything to me. And I cannot think of living life without you. And I love you forever.

— David Gest

To lose someone you love
Is to alter your life forever ...
The pain stops, there are new people,
But the gap never closes ...
This hole in your hear is the shape of the one you lost-
No one else can fit it.

— Jeanette Winterson

In the past, love for me has always meant forever, and sure, you still nurse some of those fantasies, but I don't try to force it anymore. I hung on to my fairy-tale ideals for a long time. But where I am now, what I've been through, there are no rules. There are lots of ways it can turn out instead of just one. There are so many different kinds of happiness, not just the one you learned about when you were 5 years old.

— Jennifer Lopez

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