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Love Tragedies Quotes

Its not the large things that send a man to the madhouse ... no, its the continuing series of small tragedies ... not the death of his love but the shoelace that snaps with no time left.
— Charles Bukowski —

I knew that the deepest of tragedies was simple: to love, and not to be loved in return.

— Judy Blundell

Many reviews are useless because, while purporting to condemn the book, they only reveal the reviewer's dislike of the kind to which it belongs. Let bad tragedies be censured by those who love tragedy, and bad detective stories by those who love the detective story. Then we shall learn their real faults. Otherwise we shall find epics blamed for not being novels, farces for not being high comedies, novels by James for lacking the swift action of Smollett. Who wants to hear a particular claret abused by a fanatical teetotaller, or a particular woman by a confirmed misogynist?

— C.S. Lewis

No story is more beautiful than the Gospel, even though it is a story full of pain and nails and hate and blood and sin and murder and betrayal and forsakenness and unimaginable agony and death. It is the story of what happens to the most beautiful thing, Perfect Love, when it enters our world: it comes to a Cross, to the crossroad between good and evil. All our most beautiful stories are like the Gospel: they are tragedies first, and then comedies; they are crosses and then crowns. They are crosses because they are conflicts between good and evil. That is the fundamental plot of every great story. To say "that story is beautiful" means "that story resembles the Gospel." If you are bored by the Gospel, that puts no black eye on the Gospel, but on you. Most likely, it means you have never listened to it. You must have heard it, but hearing is far from the same thing as listening ...

— Peter Kreeft

In a world plagued with commonplace tragedies, only one thing exists that truly has the power to save lives, and that is love.

— Richelle E. Goodrich

I've always loved writing emotionally rich, character-driven novels that explore the way people fall in love and deal with life's triumphs and tragedies. I enjoy writing the contemporary and historical books equally, though perhaps 'enjoy' is the wrong word.

— Susan Wiggs

When I was a kid, I knew the black and white version of 'Jane Eyre,' and I guess I became interested in the idea of romantic love - of unrequited love and the tragedies of that; of what are the important things in life; what should one value over other materials.

— Cary Fukunaga

That is why most great love stories are tragedies.

— Agatha Christie

I don't trust tragedies much. It's easy to make a person sad by showing him something tragic. We all recognize when sad things happen: someone dies, someone loses a loved one, young love is crushed. It's much harder to make a man laugh-what's funny to one person isn't funny to another.

— Ilona Andrews

One of the minor tragedies of human memory is our inability to unwatch movies we'd love to see (again) for the first time.

— Chuck Klosterman

What I love most about nature is how indifferent it is to us humans and human suffering. While we are here with our little or big tragedies-the wind is blowing, the leaves are rustling in the trees, the flowers bloom, and die-there's a great comfort in that indifference,

— Valzhyna Mort

Great loves were almost always great tragedies. Perhaps it was because love was never truly great until the element of sacrifice entered into it.

— Mary Roberts Rinehart

Why all of these broken homes? What happens to marriages that begin with sincere love and a desire to be loyal and faithful and true one to another? There is no simple answer. I acknowledge that. But it appears to me that there are some obvious reasons that account for a very high percentage of these problems. I say this out of experience in dealing with such tragedies. I find selfishness to be the root cause of most of it.

— Gordon B. Hinckley

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