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Lose No Sleep Quotes

But the men tonight were paid to kill a newlywed man and his wife," his arms gave me a squeeze, "I lose no sleep for them and you shouldnt either." "But you were awake," I pointed out. "Yes, I was, because my wee wife trembles against me in her sleep," he informed me. God, that was sweet. "Sorry, Frey," I whispered. "Do not be sorry, be drowsy," he ordered.
— Kristen Ashley —

A successful song comes to sing itself inside the listener. It is cellular and seismic, a wave coalescing in the mind and in the flesh. There is a message outside and a message inside, and those messages are the same, like the pat and thud of two heartbeats, one within you, one surrounding. The message of the lullaby is that it's okay to dim the eyes for a time, to lose sight of yourself as you sleep and as you grow: if you drift, it says, you'll drift ashore: if you fall, you will fall into place.

— Kevin Brockmeier

I carefully choose people in my life and if you are not happy with it, then its your call to be angry, broken, disappointed and lose sleep over my choice, judgement & decision ... no apologies.

— Uzoma Nnadi

She gestured toward his very fine chest with her pencil. "On the off chance I find out after we're married that your declaration of abiding love and devotion has been an elaborate con job perpetrated by you, Bodie, and Scary Spice ... "
He massaged her arch. "I definitely wouldn't lose too much sleep over that."
"Just in case. You will give me all you worldly goods, shave your head, and leave the country."
"Plus, you have to hand out your Sox tickets so I can burn them in front of your eyes.

— Susan Elizabeth Phillips

I cannot afford to lose blood just at present. I have lost too much of late for my physical good, and then the prolonged strain of Lucy's illness and its horrible phases is telling on me. I am over excited and weary, and I need rest, rest, rest. Happily Van Helsing has not summoned me, so I need not forego my sleep. Tonight I could not well do without it. TELEGRAM,

— Bram Stoker

This is what they don't tell you about losing someone: It doesn't happen once. It happens every day, every moment they're missing from. You lose them a hundred times between waking and sleep, and even sleep is no respite, because you lose them in your dreams, too.

— Leah Raeder

At night when I can't sleep, I play blackjack online until I get tired or I lose my money.

— Nicky Hilton

Why would I lose sleep when I really need valuable sleep just to recuperate and come back and do my job?

— Christine Baranski

I lose sleep if I end up feeling bad about something I've said. Usually that happens when I send something out without having read it over a few times, or when I call somebody names.

— Linus Torvalds

Don't lose sleep over things you cannot change! Wash away guilt - it's not worth it.

— Denise Austin

I try to be sincere with everyone, even the Chinese government officials. If I develop some kind of ill-will, anger, or hatred, who will lose? I will lose my happiness, my sleep, and my appetite, but my ill feelings won't hurt the officials at all. If I'm agitated, my physical condition will become weak, and some people I could make happy will not become happy.

— Dalai Lama XIV

You must try to build yourself up. I want you to get plenty of sleep, and stop worrying. Never hurry and never worry! Chew your food thoroughly and eat every bit of it, except you must leave just enough for Templeton. Gain weight and stay well-that's the way you can help. Keep fit, and don't lose your nerve. Do you think you understand?

— E.B. White

To long for that which comes not. To lie a-bed and sleep not. To serve well and please not. To have a horse that goes not. To have a man obeys not. To lie in jail and hope not. To be sick and recover not. To lose one's way and know not. To wait at door and enter not, and to have a friend we trust not: are ten such spites as hell hath not.

— John Florio

I don't lose sleep over failures. I worry about the successes and how they can be replicated.

— Queen Rania Of Jordan

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