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Life Turn Around Quotes

Those who broadcast your messy failures are the same people who will telecast your mass fortunes. But this can only happen when you accept your responsibility to turn your life around!
— Israelmore Ayivor —

At the time, I didn't have the insight to wonder at the transient nature of despair, but now that I'm older I've seen how little it takes to turn a person's life around for better or worse. An event will do, or an Idea. Another person. An idea of a person.

— Meg Rosoff

When the moment comes to stop running from your past, to turn around and face the thing you thought you could not face
the moment when your life teeters between giving up and getting up
when that moment comes, and it always comes, if you can't get up and you can't give up either, here's what you do: Crawl.

— Rick Yancey

At some point you just have to turn around and face your life head on.

— Chris Cleave

Don't be so harsh on yourself because of your bad decisions you've made in the past and don't let them hinder your life progress. Try to forgive yourself and accept it as a learning curve for you and thank God you have managed to turn things .around.

— Euginia Herlihy

The only thing that could soothe and calm me during this era was music. That's continued to be true throughout my life. My mother would put my sister and me to bed and turn on the radio to sing us to sleep. There was something very comforting about being in a dark, cold room with Prince, Tina Turner, Cyndi Lauper, or Madonna playing quietly. I didn't have to think about anything - the music took me away from myself and I got lost in it. I needed it like a drug. I felt disconnected and alone, and I realized around this time that things would never get better. It got so bad that I would pretend to be sick at school just so I could come home and lie in bed listening to music. It was like being adrift on the ocean at night. I still have trouble falling asleep without music now.

— Damien Echols

[The highs and lows of show business is] a rollercoaster for sure. There's so many highs, there's just moments of your life where you go, "Wow I can't believe how insanely lucky I am," and then you can turn around and the next moment feel so completely caught up in your own wanting, and desiring, and needing and feel like somehow you're missing something. It's just higher the high, the lower the low.

— Jim Carrey

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