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Life So Far Quotes

Just as a river flows to the sea, growing older and slowing down are just part of the natural scenery, and Ive got to accept it. It might not be a very natural process and what I discover as a result might not be all that pleasant. But what choice do I have, anyway? In my own way, Ive enjoyed my life so far, even if I cant say Ive fully enjoyed it.
— Haruki Murakami —

For once, he could look back at the past without regret, and at the future without bewilderment. Simply and touchingly, he wrote in his diary: I have had so much happiness in my life so far that I feel, no matter what sorrows come, the joys will have overbalanced them.

— Edmund Morris

I'm not embarrassed about having, you know, no experience," Luce said quietly-these walls were thin. "It's just, do you ever feel like nothing has happened to you? Like you know you have destiny, but all you've seen of life so far is unexceptional? I want my life to be different. I want to feel that it's begun. I'm waiting for kiss. But sometimes I feel like I could wait forever and nothing would ever change.

— Lauren Kate

Fake it till you make it, he reminds himself. This is how he's survived Army life so far.

— Ben Fountain

The darkest period of my life, so far, arrived the summer I was pregnant with my eldest son. The future was growing in me with all of its terrifying unpredictability, and I found myself anxious, unable to work and woefully at sea.

— Lauren Groff

I'm not that old, and I haven't lived a life so far from the ordinary, really.

— Mariel Hemingway

His life so far, he decided, had prepared him perfectly for a job in securities, for shopping at the supermarket, for watching football on the telly on the weekends, for turning on a heater if he got cold. It had magnificently failed to prepare him for a life as an un-person on the roofs and in the sewers of London,

— Neil Gaiman

I've got a little boy coming and I can't wait. It's going to be the biggest thing that has happened to me in my life so far. Bigger than any Tour de France win.

— Chris Froome

All endings are inexorably tied to new beginnings. That's the
nature of the journey. It continues to unfold. It builds on
itself. It can't help itself from doing that. Cherish the moments,
all of them. You have seen and felt much in life so far. But still,
the best is yet to come.

— Melody Beattie

If someone saw a movie of your life so far, when the credits rolled, would they say, "Wow, that was awesome?" Or would they scratch their heads and say, "I wonder what that was all about?

— Dan Miller

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