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Marry me. Youll learn to love me, I promise.
— Robyn Carr —

Marry me. You'll learn to love me, I promise.

— Robyn Carr

We typically misunderstand what's wrong about consumerism. It's not that it makes us love material things too much. To be a good consumer, you have to desire to get lots of things, but you must not love any of them too much once you have them. Consumerism needs children who do not stay attached to their toys for very long and learn to expect the next round of presents as soon as possible. When consumerism succeeds, our attachments are shallow, easily broken, so we can move on to the next thing we're supposed to get. Being a good consumer means desiring new things, not cherishing old ones. And the new things you're supposed to desire are not always material things. Spirituality is now a consumerist enterprise, too.

— Phillip Cary

He said that war had destroyed the country and that men believe the cure for war is war as the curandero prescribes the serpent's flesh for its bite. He spoke of his campaigns in the deserts of Mexico and he told them of horses killed under him and he said that the souls of horses mirror the souls of men more closely than men suppose and that horses also love war. Men say they only learn this but he said that no creature can learn that which his heart has no shape to hold. His own father said that no man who has not gone to war horseback can ever truly understand the horse and he said that he supposed he wished that this were not so but that it was so.

— Cormac McCarthy

It's easier to find a way to make money at something you love than to learn to love a job that you can make money at.

— Kim Harrison

If you can learn to endure pain, you can survive anything. Some people learn to embrace it- to love it. Some endure it through drowning it in sorrow, or by making themselves forget. Others turn it into anger.

— Sarah J. Maas

There is so much love in us all, but often we are too shy to express our love, and keep it bottled up inside us. We must learn to love, to love until it hurts, and we will know how to accept love.

— Mother Teresa

Since you cannot control the weather, or the traffic,
or the one you love, or your neighbors, or your boss,
then you must learn to control you ...
the one whose response to the difficulties of life REALLY counts.

— Jim Rohn

You are not here to please other people or to live your lives their way. You can only live it your own way and walk your own pathway. You have come [here] to fulfill yourself and express love on the deepest level. You are here to learn and grow ... When you leave the planet ... the only thing you take is your capacity to love!

— Louise Hay

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