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Laugh Too Hard Quotes

I slump against the cushion. "How am I going to protect him, if Ive completely alienated him? He thinks Im creepy ... " I say sadly. "You are not creepy," Reed says soothingly, taking my hand. "Youre not a good judge of creepy, Reed, since youre creepier than I am," I say warily, looking over at Zephyr when I hear him laughing at my comment. "I wouldnt laugh too hard, pal, because youre the creepiest one of us all.
— Amy A. Bartol —

He grinned. Well, girlfriend seems to be too shallow a word for what I feel for you. These past two weeks it's been as if you control my breathing. When I watched you with Marcus, my chest would tighten, and it became hard to breathe. But then I would see you smile or laugh, and I could take a deep breath again.

— Abbi Glines

The land, now, well I'll tell you how I feel about that. It's done a good job, as good as it was able to, anyway, and it's got a right to look tired. It'd be pretty upsetting if it looked any other way. Yes, and the hardness is all right, too. It's been through something pretty hard, and some of that hardness was bound to rub off. And sometimes a frown sets a lot better with you than a smile. Something that's taken a beating, you don't want to see it laugh. And just because it's stopped laughing doesn't mean it'll never laugh again.

— Jim Thompson

We have to laugh at how hard life can be and how screwed up we can be at times ... It's a really freeing process when you're not hitting the jokes too hard.

— Brett Gelman

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