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Landscape Painting Quotes

Obviously, I cant write about most of that; what I saw of the overall battle was like looking at an enormous landscape painting through a tiny straw. W
— Chris Kyle —

To survive in China you must reveal nothing to others. Or it could be used against you  ... That's why I've come to think the deepest part of the self is best left unclear. Like mist and clouds in a Chinese landscape painting, hide the private part behind your social persona. Let your public self be like rice in a dinner: bland and inconspicuous, taking on the flavors of its surroundings while giving off no flavor of its own.

— Evan Osnos

Landscape is to American painting what sex and psychoanalysis are to the American novel.

— Robert Hughes

To feel the grace of God in a painting of the dear, quiet commonness of a domestic interior, or in a landscape, seascape, cityscape, trains us to feel the grace of God in the thing itself in situ.

— Susan Vreeland

Obviously, I can't write about most of that; what I saw of the overall battle was like looking at an enormous landscape painting through a tiny straw. W

— Chris Kyle

Maybe the given person, cup, or landscape is lost before one gets to painting. A figure exerts a continuing and unspecified influence on a painting as the canvas develops. The represented forms are loaded with psychological feeling. It can't ever just be painting.

— Richard Diebenkorn

One ends up with a landscape one has never seen before but it is presumably the landscape you were feeling as you started the painting.

— Sidney Nolan

In a painting no one complains that the subject is posed, but everybody complains about what looks posed in a photograph. Except, I've found that if I go very close in to the face, then the posed expression no longer exists. The face becomes a landscape of the lakes of the eyes and the hills of the nose and the valley of the cleft of the chin.

— John Loengard

A landscape painting is essentially emotional in origin. It exists as a record of an effect in nature whose splendour has moved a human heart, and according as it is well or ill done it moves the hearts of others.

— Walter J. Phillips

I think I'm painting a picture of two women but it may turn out to be a landscape.

— Willem De Kooning

We're painting the same people all our life - it's just the way we look at them that changes. If you experience trauma, you can speak about it in so many different ways. You can speak about landscape, you can speak about your food; it's always different. Trauma is the beginning of life as an artist.

— Christian Boltanski

You like it, that's all, whether it's a landscape or abstract. You like it. It hits you. You don't have to read it. The work of art-sculpture or painting-forces your eye.

— Clement Greenberg

A good landscape painting is not just a demonstration of competent application of paint. It must offer a feeling of homage to the subject.

— Keith Shackleton

My painting is not violent, it's life that is violent. Even within the most beautiful landscape, in the trees, under the leaves, the insects are eating each other; violence is a part of life. We are born with a scream; we come into life with a scream and maybe love is a mosquito net between the fear of living and the fear of death.

— Francis Bacon

You have bits of canvas that are unpainted and you have these thick stretcher bars. So you see that a painting is an object; that it's not a window into something - you're not looking at a landscape, you're not looking at a portrait, but you're looking at a painting. It's basically: A painting is a painting is a painting. And it's what Frank Stella said famously: What you see is what you see.

— Frank Stella

In most natural scenes there is a prevailing colour, which the landscape painter must learn to identify, and which must prevail also in a slightly exaggerated form, in his painting, for the sake of truth, harmony and unity.

— Walter J. Phillips

A landscape painting in which composition is ignored is like a line taken from a poem at random: it lacks context, and may or may not make sense.

— Walter J. Phillips

Landscape painting is the obvious resource of misanthropy.

— William Hazlitt

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