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Just A Year Ago Quotes

We might expect intelligent life and technological communities to have emerged in the universe billions of years ago. Given that human society is only a few thousand years old, and that human technological society is mere centuries old, the nature of a community with millions or even billions of years of technological and social progress cannot even be imagined ... What would we make of a billion-year-old technological community?
— Paul Davies —

July 4th fireworks exhale over the Hudson sadly.
It is beautiful that they have to disappear.
It's like the time you said I love you madly.
That was an hour ago. It's been a fervent year.

— Frederick Seidel

Riot squads were ready to go into action. Although these young English boys (many of them civilians themselves little more than a year ago, and with only a very sketchy idea of the problems of administering Imperial

— Paul Scott

A year ago I came here without a nickle in my pocket, now, I've got a nickle in my pocket.

— Groucho Marx

His heart flat broke open. His throat thickened in a way he was glad the other guys weren't around to see. Unable to speak, he found her other hand, guided it to her heart so she could feel what his fingers were doing beneath her own. He made that symbol, the one she'd pressed into his chest more than a year ago.

— Joey W. Hill

I'm afraid of children my own age. They kill each other. Did it always use to be that way? My uncle says no. Six of my friends have been shot in the last year alone. Ten of them died in car wrecks. I'm afraid of them and they don't like me because I'm afraid. My uncle says his grandfather remembered when children didn't kill each other. But that was a long time ago when they had things different.

— Ray Bradbury

It was many and many a year ago, in a kingdom by the sea ...

— Edgar Allan Poe

For a moment, without thinking of anything else, Jenny was simply proud of him. Fiercely, passionately proud that a human, a seventeen-year-old who hadn't even heard of the Shadow Men until a month ago, could stand up to them like this. Could conceal his terror and smile that way and offer to die.

— L.J. Smith

I know something now I didn't know a year ago," said Quoyle. "Petal wasn't any good. And I think maybe that is why I loved her."
"Yes," said Wavey. "Same with Herold. It's like you feel to yourself that's all you deserve. And the worse it gets the more it seems true, that you got it coming to you or it wouldn't be that way. You know what I mean?

— Annie Proulx

You can't believe Russell Crowe is the same actor who won an Oscar one year ago for Gladiator.

— Joel Siegel

No matter how great an achievement you had a year ago, no matter how momentous and critically acclaimed it was, it is still in the past and has no real bearing on the present moment.

— Chris Matakas

My younger sister retired a few years ago after a 30-year career teaching history and social studies at an inner-city high school.

— Judy Woodruff

My age now, like my age 20 years ago, marks the year in which I was born. That's all.

— Art Linkletter

Letter 1
To the princess of the elephants,
I disappeared exactly one year ago. On that day I received a letter. It called me back to the place where my life with the elephants began
Please forgive me, for the silence between us has been unbroken for one year.
I will never be more of myself than in these letters.
They are my maps of the bird path, and they are all that I know to be true.

— Gregory Colbert

There will never be a "perfect" time to quit smoking. A time when you don't have any distractions or stress ... If you had started today one year ago, this would not even be an issue for you today! Don't waste another year!

— Mark Twain

A hundred years ago, it could take you the better part of a year to get from New York to California; whereas today, because of equipment problems at O'Hare, you can't get there at all.

— Dave Barry

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