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Is It Wrong Quotes

Now we get to the Karma thing: You make yourself so vulnerable by not tipping well or treating people in the service industry with respect. Not only is it wrong to treat another human being like that, but theres a practical consideration: Theyre standing between you and eating. Without waiters, nothing comes to your table and nothing goes away. Arent you worried that theyll put rat poison in your food, or at least spit in it? pages 86-87
— Tim Gunn —

Surrender. That's an interesting term. We tend to see all forms of surrender as negative
war, sports, highway on-ramps. You'd never hear us describing a relationship as a type of surrender. But maybe we should. Is it wrong to cede the solo to the duet. Surrender doesn't mean you lose, only that you no longer wish to fight.

— Franz Wisner

Is it wrong to trust in a beautiful lie if it helps you get through life?

— Miriam Toews

You don't know what they do up there on that mountain, do you, Sheriff? It's tossing and turning. It eats the heart of the world, like a worm burrowing an apple! Maybe the preacher's right and my faith is just shivering, weak-is it wrong for me to try to keep them from hollowing me out from inside? I should just blow all of you stupid bastards back to Kingdom Come, while it's still there! Before they burn down Heaven and feast on the corpse. Maybe we should all die now, better that way!

— R.S. Belcher

How is it wrong to put everything you have into getting what you want most in the world?

— Rachel Vincent

Is it wrong, wanting to be at home with your record collection? It's not like collecting records is like collecting stamps, or beermats, or antique thimbles. There's a whole world in here, a nicer, dirtier, more violent, more peaceful, more colorful, sleazier, more dangerous, more loving world than the world I live in; there is history, and geography, and poetry, and countless other things I should have studied at school, including music.

— Nick Hornby

I always had that sense of being censored for the things that I thought. Why is it wrong to embroider your pants, or paint with acrylics on your clothing? Why is that weird? Isn't it weirder to want to be like everyone else?

— Alice Sebold

What is wrong is that we do not ask what is right.

— G.K. Chesterton

To me, great advertising can make food taste better, can make your car run smoother. It can change your perception of something. Is it wrong to change your perception about something? Of course not. I'm not lying; I'm just saying, 'This one's more fun, this one's more exciting.'

— George Lois

It's wrong, and it's racist, and it's bigoted to say that guns are quintessentially American.

— Alan Dershowitz

I think that where I've watched a movie go wrong, it's usually because the dread committee has been interfering with it.

— John Le Carre

In the ninth and tenth centuries the Vikings invaded Britain from Scandinavia and settled in large numbers. Their language, which we call Old Norse, was at least partly comprehensible to the English, who did not hesitate to take over hundreds of words from it: skirt, window, scrub, sky, give, hit, kick, scatter, scrape, skill, scowl, score, fellow, want, skin, knife, law, happy, ugly, wrong and even the pronouns they and them.

— Larry Trask

The strictest law often causes the most serious wrong

— Marcus Tullius Cicero

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