Insecticide Quotes

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Insecticide Quotes

I go to the window, I spot a fly under the curtain, I corner it in a muslin trap and move a murderous forefinger toward it. This moment is not in the program, its something apart, timeless, incomparable, motionless, nothing will come of it this evening or later ... Mankind is asleep ... Alone and without a future in a stagnant moment, a child is asking murder for strong sensations. Since Im refused a mans destiny, Ill be the destiny of a fly. I dont rush matters, Im letting it have time enough to become aware of the giant bending over it. I move my finger forward, the fly bursts, Im foiled! Good God, I shouldnt have killed it! It was the only being in all creation that feared me; I no longer mean anything to anyone. I, the insecticide, take the victims place and become an insect myself. Im a fly, Ive always been one. This time Ive touched bottom.
— Jean-Paul Sartre —

Inevitably, malaria parasites developed resistance to commonly used drugs, and mosquito vectors became insecticide-resistant.

— Anthony Fauci

In temperate zones, winter is the best insecticide; it keeps the bugs in check. The tropics enjoy no such respite, so plants there have developed a wide range of alkaloids that kill off nosy insects and animals.

— Gregory Benford

I think that DDT holds a lot of promise. It hasn't been banned everywhere - obviously it has in the U.S. In fact, about 10 years ago, the WHO came out with a statement promoting it for public health interventions in many countries. It's cheap. It's very, very effective. We've never had an insecticide that has worked so well since. It's also safe. A lot of people don't realize that its toxicity profile for humans is low.

— Laura Harrington

I know for sure that there is only one step from insecticide to genocide.

— Werner Herzog

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