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In Her Eyes Quotes

In her mind she could remember about six different tunes from the pieces of his [Mozarts] she had heard. A few of them were kind of quick and tinkling, and another was like that smell in springtime after a rain. But they all made her somehow sad and excited at the same time. She hummed one of the tunes, and after a while in the hot, empty house by herself she felt the tears come in her eyes.
— Carson McCullers —

In her eyes, the sadness sings-of one who was destined, for better things.

— Lang Leav

She had fire dancing in her eyes as she assaulted him with her serpent's tongue. Tonight she was not his wife but his little sister.

— Shakuita Johnson

Nothing else need be said between them. No words or platitudes uttered. No fears or sins confessed. He saw absolution in her eyes. Understanding. Acceptance.
And still he gave her a moment. A warning. A chance to escape.
Because once he got his hands on her, there would be no stopping him.

— Kerrigan Byrne

Now I've officially seen everything." Leonidas muttered. "How
often do you see them?"
Ari laughed weakly. "Do nightmares count?"
Leonidas bent down to look in her eyes. "Nightmares always

— Victoria Escobar

Taking both of Kay's hands with no rancor, no bile,
Helen looks in her eyes and breaks into a smile.
"You're right", Helen says, "I should call it a day."
Helen smiles one more time, and them adds, "Fuck off, Kay.

— David Rakoff

Mollie, tell me what happened. I haven't slept in two days." "Guilty conscience?" "Yes!" he bellowed. "I never should have let you stay in that church so long! I wish I'd thrown you over my shoulder and dragged you to my house that first night." He tried to wrap his arms around her, but a stiff arm kept him at bay. The expression in her eyes was even worse. "For pity's sake, talk to me. Scream at me, hit me . . . just quit glaring like that.

— Elizabeth Camden

She stood still a moment, watching him, and he had no idea at all what she was thinking. Finally she laughed quietly, gesturing with her free hand at the marble figure. "It's a minotaur. I suppose that's appropriate." He looked at the figure, all horns and massive shoulders. "The monster in the maze?" "Yes." She turned in the dark to face him, and all he could see was the limned starlight on her cheek, the glimmer of the reflected moon in her eyes. "Indio thought you were a monster at first. Did I ever tell you?" He shook his head slowly. "Am I still a monster to you?" "No." She reached up to trace his eyebrow. "You're not ... that. You never were, really.

— Elizabeth Hoyt

The open forgiveness in her eyes, the uncensored love, terrified me.

— Vanessa Diffenbaugh

Keep hoping to see the light in her eyes. Even knowing it'll mean she's saying good-bye.

— Karen Marie Moning

He shouldn't be inclined. Mallory Quinn was sweet, warm, and caring. She was a white picket fence and two-point-four kids. She was a diamond ring.
She was someone's keeper.
Not his. Never his. He didn't do keepers.
And yet in that beat, with her mouth close to his, a smile in her eyes, he ... ached. He ached and yearned for something. Someone. He wanted to wrap his arms around a woman, this woman, and lose himself in her.

— Jill Shalvis

A blush tinged her bronzed skin as she wrapped her arms around herself. Corrado grasped her wrists, pulling her hands away when she tried to shield herself. He stared at her, stunned to see the uncertainty in her eyes.
"You're not nervous this time, are you?" he asked, half-teasingly, half honestly wanting to know. She'd been so confident, unwavering before.
"It's the way you're looking at me."
"How am I looking at you?"
"Like you look at the Taj Mahal. Or the Sistine Chapel. You're staring at me like you stare at the Mona Lisa."
"I've never seen those things."
"It's like you've never seen something so beautiful before."
"I haven't.

— J.M. Darhower

There was no Jace Wayland more real than the one he saw in her eyes when she looked at him.

— Cassandra Clare

They say the streets is a demon in a dress,
Wit dollar signs in her eyes and semen on her breath

— Lupe Fiasco

I can still see her face
The sorrow in her eyes, her voice, as she condemns me. I didn't know it was possible to feel such shame. To feel so sick at heart. I'm lost inside, my soul
all that I thought I was, and am, and ever will be
shattered, cast to the winds. Compared to this, death is a mercy.

— Chris Claremont

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