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I'm Sorry Picture Quotes

There was a great director who directed a picture that I wrote who barred me from the set quite appropriately and said, "Im sorry, Jim. When youre directing, you dont need to know everything. You need the illusion that you do." And, you know, and I WOULD be there behind him trying to signal the actors in, you know, in a way I wasnt even aware of.
— James L. Brooks —

At nineteen they can card you in the bars and tell you to get the fuck out, put your sorry act (and sorrier ass) back on the street, but they can't card you when you sit down to paint a picture, write a poem, or tell a story.

— Stephen King

We are never content with portraits of people we know. For that reason I have always felt sorry for portrait painters. We rarely ask the impossible of anyone, but of them we do. They are required to get everybody's relationship with the subject, everybody's affection or dislike, into the picture; and not merely represent their own view of a person but what everybody else's might be too.

— Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

He doesn't trust me-and I'm sorry to say he has reason." He looked at Samuel. "I don't think he'll trust you either-not another male when his daughter is there." He turned back to me. "But you have his scent all over your van, and he has a picture of you in his bedroom."
Samuel gave me a sharp look. "In his bedroom?

— Patricia Briggs

She got really mad a month ago, because she had e-mailed me a naked picture of herself - which is a nice thing to do - but then I messed up, and I accidentally forwarded that e-mail to both of my parents. Now, my girlfriend is furious, mortified, but I don't even care, 'cause now I have to call up my mother and say 'Mom, I am so sorry - that picture was just for dad.'

— Anthony Jeselnik

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