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I'm So Spoiled Quotes

Im so spoiled - I must have a Starbucks vanilla latte every day.
— Katie Holmes —

It's not about managing, it's about taste. Your sandwiches taste
Ty started cracking up. "Oh my fucking God, are you spoiled. It's
about throwing some meat, cheese, and mayo between two pieces of
bread. The taste doesn't change whether it's me or you slapping it

— S.J.D. Peterson

You know what America is-they're all like spoiled children. Anything goes, isn't that what they say?

— Soheir Khashoggi

So, as sad as this day is for me,as I am losing a part of myself with the loss of you,it is really just the beginning for me. It is like cutting off the spoiled part to get to the juicy center. So, I would appreciate it this time, if you did not try and contact me. Because, as I'm sure you know, I deserve better. I want everything this time around, and I deserve it.

— K.A. Linde

I've got a mind to turn you over my knee and spank the spoiled hell out of you

— Larissa Ione

It was a marriage of love. He was sufficiently spoiled to be charming; she was ingenuous enough to be irresistible. Like two floating logs they met in a head-on rush, caught, and sped along together.

— F. Scott Fitzgerald

Any Southerner is spoiled when it comes to food.

— Taylor Hicks

Ironically enough, in the same way that fear brings to pass what one is afraid of, likewise a forced intention makes impossible what one forcibly wishes ... Pleasure is, and must remain, a side-effect or by-product, and is destroyed and spoiled to the degree to which it is made a goal in itself.

— Viktor E. Frankl

I know that applause is food for the arts, but it ceases to be wholesome if administered indiscriminately; and the nutrition is so rich that, far from strengthening the constitution, it disturbs and enfeebles it. Stage beginners are similar to those children totally spoiled by the blind affection of their parents.

— Jean-Georges Noverre

She could not explain or quite understand that it wasn't altogether jealousy she felt, it was rage. And not because she couldn't shop like that or dress like that. It was because that was what girls were supposed to be like. That was what men - people, everybody - thought they should be like. Beautiful, treasured, spoiled, selfish, pea-brained. That was what a girl should be, to be fallen in love with. Then she would become a mother and she'd be all mushily devoted to her babies. Not selfish anymore, but just as pea-brained. Forever.

— Alice Munro

Is there any other democracy where the voters are as spoiled as they are in the United States? Especially, of course, in certain states, such as Iowa and New Hampshire, where the old joke is literally true about the citizens who say they haven't yet formed an opinion about a candidate because they've only met the fellow a few times.

— Michael Kinsley

Americans are so spoiled. They think you always have to have a car, whereas I got away on my own two feet.

— Lee Harvey Oswald

I challenge youth to cooperate with parents who are concerned about your reading and your viewing. Be concerned yourself about what you take into your mind. Young people, you would never eat a meal of spoiled or contaminated food if you could help it, would you? Select your reading and viewing carefully and in good taste.

— Marvin J. Ashton

Resignation is, to some extent, spoiled for me by the fact that it is so entirely conformable to the laws of common-sense. I should like just a little more of the supernatural in the practice of my favorite virtue.

— Sophie Swetchine

Fish is the only food that is considered spoiled once it smells like what it is.

— P. J. O'Rourke

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